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New Furby 2012 - What Does it Do?

Updated on December 26, 2013
New White Furby
New White Furby

Furby 2012

I vaguely remember when the Furby first hit the toy shops back in the 1990s. They were furry owl looking creatures, with the characteristics of Gizmo from the Gremlins.

Like a Tamagotchi, the idea was to play with it, feed it and keep it happy.

The return of the Furby in 2012 meant a re-vamp of these cuddly and colourful playmates. Not only do they talk and sing to you, you can also play them music and feed them with your iPhone.

Must Have Christmas Toy

My son announced he wanted a Furby a month before Christmas.

Searching for them was not so easy, as at the time I wanted to get one, they had sold out. I tried all the major shops and online stores, but he wanted a colour which seemed to be in demand. He wanted a white Furby.

I came across yellow, purple, black and red, but even those were impossible to find. I ended up shopping on ebay, reluctantly.

The average price of one of these toys were £60.00, so I didn't want to go much over that. £60.00 alone seemed pretty steep...

Friend or Fiend?

I must admit, I thought it looked quite cute. When we first began to play with him on Christmas day, I felt the novelty.

Having little idea of what was to happen, watching how the Furby develops can be mesmerizing. But welcomed guests over the holiday period were not all in agreement.

Feed Furby with your iPhone
Feed Furby with your iPhone

How To Play With Furby

The Furby takes four AA batteries. Once you put them in, the sleeping Furby makes a snoring noise and yawns, which is rather adorable. It then opens it's eyes and begins to speak it's native language, Furbish.

You can work out if the Furby is happy or sad as it giggles, sighs and speaks.

To translate from Furbish to English there is a list of sentences in the instructions. You can also download the Furby app on the iPhone, iPad or Android. This gives you a full dictionary, translator and food to feed him.


If you are using the free app, you can select food and drink from the pantry, or feed it on gourmet burgers and sandwiches.

By selecting the food and dragging it towards the Furby's mouth, he munches or gulps down food and drink. He even reacts to food he likes, dislikes or finds spicy!

As you play with your Furby, he will eventually start to learn English, throwing in broken sentences which are easier to understand.

He can make cheeky gestures, passing wind or spitting out his food.

Can I Use Furby Without the APP?

As there is a list of words to translate into English, you don't really need the full dictionary. The way you play with him is supposed to mold his personality. If you play nice, he is likely to keep saying "noo-loo" which means "happy".

You can also feed him by sticking your finger in his mouth. Sometimes he will munch on food, but other times he will carry on giggling.

Play music to Furby
Play music to Furby

What Else Does it Do?

As the New Furby is aimed at young children, it quite enjoys being petted, tilted, tickled and patted. You can pull it's tail, but if you are too rough it's personality will change.

When the Furby goes evil, he will warn you with flashing eyes and strange noises. The evil Furby will have a deeper, scarier voice and have some bad habits.

However, by patting and tickling him, he will turn nice again. He may even be too nice!

The Furby has LED eyes which move around and show images. At one point it had cows in it's eyes and it began to 'moo'. Other times it shows a mobile phone, musical notes, happy or surprised eyes.

By playing music to the Furby, he will sing and dance and his ears will move.

If you introduce it to another Furby, they will interact with one another.

Sleeping Furby
Sleeping Furby

How Do I Turn The Furby Off?

Unfortunately, there is no on or off switch. There isn't even a volume switch.

If you want to turn it off you would have little choice but to remove the batteries.

However, once you stop playing with it, it will go back to sleep relatively quickly. He will begin to sigh to show he is bored, then it will snore for a short while. One time, he had a rather sinister cackle in between snores before falling to sleep.

My biggest worry was that it would wake itself up in the middle of the night, turning into a Chucky nightmare.

But after risking it in my son's room, the Furby happily slept all night. It doesn't wake from vibrations. It will only wake up if you pick it up and stroke or tickle it.


3 stars for New Furby 2012

Overall Thoughts

The more you play with Furby, the more it is supposed to do, which makes it interesting. However, my son plays with him in short bursts.

After you have fed him, made him sick, fed it back to him and made him cry, it goes back to making Furbish noises and giggles. He will say 'make me tickle', 'OMG', and 'hungry' which are quite endearing. Then if left alone, he will be unimpressed, saying 'seriously!'.

It looks cute asleep and the temptation is to wake it, but then you wish it had a volume button.

I get the impression my child may lose interest in the Furby after a while, but if I begin to play with it, he becomes possessive.

The Furby can be rather entertaining, but when it becomes a little too much, he will thankfully go to sleep.


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      20 months ago

      Thank you so much for this review! it helped me loads.


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