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D20 Elder Universe

Updated on April 17, 2012

A whole new Universe!

Throughout my twenty five years of gaming many new worlds have been introduced by both big companies and small. From the original game world of Oerth for greyhawk to the latest edition of Eberron. While I have enhjoyed these many new worlds it is rare that I could ever find the time to game in all of them. Faced with that we were forced to choose our favorites. After a time though we began to create our own new world and then the universe surrounding it.

It is important to note that these materials are copyrighted as my property. As an author I have used one of the worlds in this description as the homeworld for two of my novels. One of which you can find as the first five chapters here on hubpages, Online books; Cup of Insinuation 1 through 5.

As a gamer I am proud of my work and it would be a pleasure to have others gaming in this universe as well. Even if they are just stopping by for a visit. I implore dm's to utilize this universe as what it was meant to be. The oldest and perhaps the first Universe in the endless expanse. Here players will find the elder versions of any creature you can name or dream up. Here is where I brought my players when they had reached epic levels and still I manage to humble them

The Elderspace Universe

Foreword; As the most ancient of universes Elderspace is home to the oldest of entities. It is also burgeoning with younger entities seeking relics, formulae, advancement, knowledge and unknown power. It is not a place for the weak.

In regard to the planes nearest to this prime material universe only the most ancient reach this far. The Positive and Negative energy planes and their border dimensions, and the recently created, single layered Abyss are all that are available. Ethereal or incorporeal creatures exist on the Negative energy border plane which acts the same as the border Ethereal anywhere else.

For those individuals intending to plane shift or gate to a specific plane, for example: Gladsheim; they instead appear on Kole on the corresponding domain which relates to Gladsheim, i.e. New Asgaard.

Interstellar fatespinners and alien oracles whisper of an original Pantheon of Elder Gods who once ruled Elderspace. What happened to these powerful beings is anyone’s guess but several prophecies warn of their impending return. If this should occur the war between the Elders and the many pantheons of Kole would likely spell doom for every mortal creature.

Elderspace is not only ancient it is immense. More than twice the size of most other Universes it contains two planetary systems. The orbit of these systems are separated by enough distance that another entire system could fit between them!

System A

Sun; T’Quetus; A cool temperatured orange/red star that releases purple and blue flame geysers. These light changes have become a fact of life on all of this system’s worlds. Although no life abounds here the star is surrounded by blue energy creatures which seem to thrive off of the radiation from T’Quetus.

Bar’ein; Once a small world nearly encapsulated by a mystical ring of ice, nothing now remains except for a large island of land which is overshadowed by a giant volcano. The lava spews forth ceaselessly, expanding the island more and more as time passes. Rumor has it a gate to an underground locale on another planet is allowing the island to expand and the volcano to continuously feed.

It is said the lost aspect of Anghar, a God of Battle and Cold, was once trapped in the core of Bar’ein and when he was freed the world was destroyed but for one small fragment. No native life can be found here though spacefarers have been known to dock here as a waystation or meeting place on occasion. No air envelope remains here either.

Ceaneada; This is the six sided world. Shaped like the classic die each face has its own terrain.From water ringed with cliffsides and messa’s, deserts and plains, jungle and forest,mountains and hills to the arctic side which always faces Bar’ein.All sides of the world have life but only one contains intelligent races.Elves, lizardmen, humans and a spider-like race called the Driveen. The Driveen are known to despise the Neogi and had knowledge of them long before the first spelljammer landed ages ago.

The Great Root; This is a vast network of living plantlife which completely encircles it’s orbit around the sun. It is said to have been started millennia ago by a single seed from Yggdrasil. A seed that fell out of Asgaard when the planes were shattered in Elderspace.

Many races make their getaways and abodes on the Root and each year some of those disappear without a trace. Some sages think the Root is a sentient creature which eats other life forms which stay upon its appendages for too long.Gathering nourishment from those it consumes the Root grows exponentially each year.

The wisest of all races agree that the Great Root should be honored and respected, and most of all feared.

Koantesia; One side of this evershifting planet shines a pale white while the other is gloomy black. Here only two beings exist. One good and one evil, both extremely powerful. They have no concerns but for the destruction of the other. Their power allows them to shape the world as they see fit and any non natives will be used as pawns.

It is said in legend that if either being defeats the other, the end of the universe itself would follow.

Noalesce; This star is but a colossal portal to the plane of positive energy. It shines brightly throughout both systems and is referred to as the trickster by natives of Ceaneada because its light flickers in and out of the circling vines of the Great Root. It is thought by more learned sages that it is the energy pouring out of this portal which keeps the Root so well fed.

The skies around Noalesce are the yearly feeding grounds for all sorts of space animals, particularly a highly intelligent race of space-whales.

Vobule; This world seems to be completely filled with water. The core of the planet seems to be composed entirely of coral.Also, it is thriving with life, including many sentient species.Indeed, many normally unintelligent creatures are highly sentient here and quite successful.Sages believe this is another side effect from Noalesce.In this sometimes backwards world Sahuagin are utilized as slaves by sharks and Mermen are seen pulling obese Seahorses in coral chariots.

Wars are uncommon here except against outside interlopers like airbreathers. Many strange races and mutations take place on this planet from the racial mixing of airbreathers and oceandwellers.

System B

Sun; The Children; This is a cluster of five constantly bobbing suns of small size.Fire elemental cities of amazing grandeur have been built on the Children over the ages, but none of the native creatures of T’Quetus have ever been seen here at all. One particular native of the children, Flame Prince Fellrey, is known to travel the universe in search of exceptional women he can add to his legendary harem. For obvious reasons it is rumored he has particular fondness for lady mages who take on the Fire Elemental Savant prestige class.

Pestrine; This shining world is a hazard to spacefarers for its atmosphere acts as a vacuum and quickly steals the air from anything that draws near it. Many, many wrecks lay upon its rocky surface. No life exists here at all, though Undead are common on the planet’s still, airless surface.

Solace; From above, this world appears desolate.Yet, below the surface is a thriving planet rich in life.Solace is hollow, the depths within are lit each day by ancient magic long ago created by the Shi’ar.Now, humans, dwarves, a kindly race of Drow, and several other lesser races dwell together in relative peace. All are united under the banner of the Shi’ar empire, this is their third world among scores.

The only trouble usually occurs due to the illithid incursions. The subterranean creatures have found an underground world much to their liking. They have set up several outposts on and around the planet in order to take humans as slaves and food.

Many rogue spacefarers have made a lasting home on Solace since few know of its true nature and they would likely never be found by bounty hunters or the like.

Delvarr; This planet looks like many classic worlds, Oerth and Toril, for example, but is only scantly populated by humans. Other major races include the nomadic Dracotaurs, the transparent fleshed Gaul with their taste for human flesh, an advanced civilization of Kenku, an immense Titan city, gnomish communities, Sea Elves as the sole elven addition and the fierce Aslan, a lion-like race of warriors who are relatively few in number.

This planet is still mostly unexplored and untouched by civilization. With many more small pockets of unique and rare species there is a veritable cacophony of gods and so-called deities vying for the worship of the natives, all of whom originate from Kole.

Kole; This immense planet dwarfs any other in both size and variation of life.In fact, it is the battleground for the forces of every deity which has passed a Lyr’Marr, a set of epic tasks presented as a riddle, and gained entrance to the planet and its many mysteries. The greatest of these mysteries is dreamt of by small children on other worlds and known as the Lake of Dreams.Through it even a god may gain in power. The only price demanding that the last being to partake of the Lake’s depths also remain as guardian and fight off all comers until they are slain. Once slain the person is freed from this bond and returned to life as a new deity. A non-deity who bathes in the lake becomes a Divine Rank 0 Godling!

The endless continent on Kole is perpetually contested by a hundred factions consisting of entire pantheons or individual Demi-gods.It is not hospitable towards normal life.Spacefarers are warned about the fickle nature of sky deities and are advised to give this place a wide berth.

Due to the power level of most adventurer types from this world rarely are any of the evil spacefaring races, Neogi, Illithid &Beholders, found patrolling near this planet.

Asantis; Far from the orbits of the other planets in its system is a bright star, a known breeding place and congregating grounds for the space whale race. It was not so long ago that these were also the hunting grounds of the accursed Gith, which have since been replaced by the Neogi.

Asteroid Belt; Once a vile planet ruled by a foul, swarming demonic race it has since been destroyed by the ruling party of the Demonslayers. Now, a long belt of asteroids follows what was once the orbit of a world.

Many forms of life thrive among the organic remains of the planet and hidden clutches of the demonic horde await the ill-fated arrival of sentient spacefarers.

Baltoriax; This tiny iron world was set aside for the gods to wage their own personal battles upon, therefore keeping the other planets and their people’s safe.It is literally carried around the edge of the sphere upon the back of a beast the size of eight worlds. With each revolution a year passes and its shape shifts to that of another magical or wild creature.

An ancient legend warns that Baltoriax hides the sleeping form of the Demiurge which will one day awaken and feed upon the gods, thus bringing on a new age.


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