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New Ingress Badges

Updated on December 16, 2014

3 New Ingress Badges

This week, Niantic added three new Ingress badges to the game. The three badges are:

  • Trekker - A badge that rewards you for how many km walked. There is some sort of speed / play limitation about what counts as "walking" so distance traveled while driving or biking doesn't seem to count. Additionally, some people report not having distance counted while running either. It may also require that there is some "activity" every so often to count toward distance walked. For now, the best bet on this badge seems to be to let it take care of itself while you work toward other goals like destroying enemy portals, linking and fielding, and so on.
  • Engineer - A badge that rewards you for how many mods you deploy on portals.
  • SpecOps - Apparently stands for Special Operations, this badge rewards you for how many Ingress missions you have completed.

These new badges DO count toward leveling. Many players have reported automatically leveling to higher Ingress levels based on getting the new Trekker badge at the right level.

Whenever Niantic changes the game, people complain and question their motivation. In this case, these badges are especially helpful for higher level players attempting to crack the next level. Traditionally, the only way for all but the most active players to achieve levels 14, 15, and 16 were to collect black the Black Recharger Badge and the black Guardian Badge. By including several new badges (especially Trekker for older players), Niantic removes the pressure on finding and keeping hidden a Guardian portal and makes Guardian hunting less important to players that no longer desperately need to get a portal to 150 days in order to achieve Level 14 or Level 15.

(Note the previous inclusion of the Innovator Badge as one that counted for leveling also served the purpose of skipping over the need for a Guardian portal in order to make L14, L15, or L16.)

Trekker Badge Requirements

Like all of the older Ingress badges, each of the new Ingress medals comes with specific requirements to achieve five different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black (Onyx). The Trekker badge is based upon the "Distance Walked" statistic on your Agent tab. Since this metric has been tracked from the beginning, players get credit for all distance walked from when they started playing the game.

Trekker Badge Requirement Levels

  • Bronze Trekker Badge Requirement: 10 km
  • Silver Trekker Badge Requirement: 100 km
  • Gold Trekker Badge Requirement: 300 km
  • Platinum Trekker Badge Requirement: 1,000 km
  • Black Trekker Badge Requirement: 2,500 km

Trekker is a great new badge for getting higher Ingress levels because unlike many other badges, it doesn't require any specific play. Just playing a lot of Ingress in a lot of places will eventually give you this badge.

Trekker Badge Picture

The new Trekker Badge in Ingress - Gold Level
The new Trekker Badge in Ingress - Gold Level

Engineer Badge Ingress

The Engineer badge or Engineer Medal for Ingress is based upon how many mods, such as shields, heat sinks, link amps, multi-hacks, turrets, or force amps you add to portals. You do not need to be the owner of the portal to get credit for placing the mods. Any portal you deploy mods to counts.

  • Bronze Engineer Badge Requirement: 150 mods
  • Silver Engineer Badge Requirement: 1,500 mods
  • Gold Engineer Badge Requirement: 5,000 mods
  • Platinum Engineer Badge Requirement: 20,000 mods
  • Black Engineer Badge Requirement: 50,000 mods

Unlike the Trekker Badges and the distance walked measurement, the Mods Deployed measurement is new to Ingress. It has only been tracked for the last month or so, so players get no credit for mods deployed before the counter was installed in the program.

Engineer Badge Picture

The Engineer Badge in Ingress
The Engineer Badge in Ingress

SpecOps Badge in Ingress

Finally, there is a new Ingress badge for completing Missions. This badge does count all missions completed from the very beginning, although since missions are relatively new, that news may not be all that helpful unless you've been enthusiastically banging out missions since they started.

  • Bronze SpecOps Badge Requirement: 5 missions
  • Silver SpecOps Badge Requirement: 25 missions
  • Gold SpecOps Badge Requirement: 100 missions
  • Black SpecOps Badge Requirement: 200 missions
  • Black SpecOps Badge Requirement: 500 missions

Note that this badge is for completing existing missions. There is no badge for submitting new missions, so for the time being we don't have to worry about every scrap of paper posted to the side of a building being submitted as a mission like we do for people trying to get Black Seer badges.

Are New Badges a Good Idea

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