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New Moon Event for WoT Blitz

Updated on January 30, 2017

World of Tanks Blitz is holding a big Lunar New Year event called “New Moon” which will pit players in a fight against each other in an epic battle. Themed after the opposing forces of fire and ice, players can choose a side and battle for an either flaming or freezing victory. Participating in this event will bring many rewards.

How to Participate

To begin, WoT Blitz players will need to complete two parallel mission paths. Completing these will award you the Lunar Charms and Dragon Fangs special items. Once you have these you can continue on your journey fighting for team fire or ice and great rewards.

New Moon includes two separate quest lines for players to follow either the forces of the ice dragon or fire dragon. Completing the fire themed quest line will earn you a Blaze WZ 135 FT (Tier VII tank destroyer). Following the ice path can get you Glacial 112 (Tier VIII heavy tank).

World of Tanks Blitz New Moon event. Fire or Ice?
World of Tanks Blitz New Moon event. Fire or Ice? | Source

Taking part in the Lunar New Year, New Moon event can earn players these elemental dragon tanks in addition to other prizes. Credits, Free XP, Premium Account time, and some of the newly introduced boosters will be awarded to brave battlers during the event. New Moon began on January 25th and will continue until February 18th. Visit the official World of Tanks Blitz webpage to learn more and log in to the free to play mobile tank battling game to participate.

The Blaze WZ 135
The Blaze WZ 135 | Source


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