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New Simpsons Squinkies - Release Dates, Prices, Buy Online

Updated on August 13, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the exciting new Simpsons Squinkies. We will take a close look at these new toys and talk about release dates, prices and where you can buy them from online. If you are a fan of either the Simpsons or Squinkies then you should find everything you need to know right here on this page. We will also tell you about some more new releases that we are going to be seeing soon.

Squinkies have fast become one of the most popular collectable toys on the market. The small soft little figures come in Bubble Packs and have been around for a few years ago. Since their first release there have been hundreds and hundreds of characters available to collect. The latest batch of Bubble Packs is a very exciting one. We are going to be seeing Simpsons Squinkies, something that children both young and old will really enjoy. So let’s see what exactly these are going to consist of.

Simpsons Series 1 Bubble Pack

New Simpsons Squinkies Are Released

Over the past few years the company behind these collectables, Blip Toys, have obtained several different licences allowing them to bring out characters that we are already familiar with. For instances we have seen SpongeBob SquarePants characters, Power Rangers, WWE wrestlers, Minnie Mouse and even a range of Marvel superheroes. The latest licence agreement that Blip Toys have managed to get their hands on is the deal that allows them to bring us Simpsons Squinkies.

So we are going to be getting two new Simpsons Bubble Packs. Each pack contains twelve well known characters that any fan of the show should instantly recognise. Series 1 comes with blue gumballs and will feature characters such as Bart, Lisa, Police Chief Wiggum, Krusty The Clown, Patty, Selma, Ralph, Nelson, Millhouse and three surprise characters. The second series will come with red gumballs and will feature Homer, Marge, Maggie, Sideshow Bob, Grandpa, Flanders, Comic Book Guy, Itchy and Scratchy and three surprise characters.

The Squinkies themselves stay pretty true to the Simpsons, the characters all look as you would expect them to and they are very well done. As for release date these are said to be out sometime over the summer, as is often the case there does not seem to be an official release date, these just turn up in the stores gradually over time.

As with most other Squinkies you can buy these in most good toy stores. Usually though when they first go on sale they can be a little tricky to track down. If you want to buy online there are usually some good value deals over at Amazon or eBay. As for price we expect these to be around the same price as most other Bubble Packs, so around the $15 mark somewhere. It will be interesting to see how well these sell as young children who tend to collect these may not be as interested in the Simpsons as some older children are. We may find that it’s the parents who want to buy these for their kids, remember that the Simpsons has been going for around 20 years now!

Series 2

More Squinkies Hit The Shops

Blip Toys have been very busy recently bringing out various new Squinkies for both boys and girls. One of their biggest projects of recent times has been Squinkie Zinkies. These are half the size of the normal characters yet still maintain a good level of detail. There are quite a few out there for girls and in the summer of 2012 there are three new packs for boys coming out. First up is the Military Crew, 36 little green men that come in a dispenser designed to look like a grenade. Then we have Robot Force which comes with 36 characters again and they come in a pod dispenser. Then finally there is the Space Alliance pack which again has 36 Zinkies and these come with a little spaceship dispenser.

Away from the Zinkies there are also going to be some Spiderman Squinkies, these will have 8 new characters all based on the Amazing Spiderman movie that comes out over the summer. The really big news is that there will be two DC Comics Bubble Packs brought out, we have already seen lots of Marvel characters so to have DC Comics ones as well is very good news. Some of the well known heroes we will see include Batman, Robin, Superman, The Flash, Catwoman, Two Face and quite a few more. These are sure to be very popular as Superhero movies seem to be all the rage at the moment.

Another new release from DC is the Justice League bubble pack. This will feature some more well known characters. Along with the news of the justice league we are also getting a new Batman bubble pack, this will coincide with the release of The Dark Knight Rises.

So as you can see 2012 looks like being a really big year for Squinkies. The new Simpsons characters are sure to be very popular and kids and grown ups alike will be rushing to buy these. There are only two Bubble Packs coming out with the initial wave and so we may still see more from this range in the future if these sell well. For now though we are sure you will really enjoy collecting the new Simpsons Squinkies.


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