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New Skelita Calaveras Doll From Monster High - Release Date & Preview

Updated on August 31, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at the brand new Skelita Calaveras doll from Monster High. This doll is the latest in a string of new releases and we will take a close look at the doll itself and also give you the release date for Skelita Calaveras. Plus we will try to tell you a little bit about the actual character and how she fits into the Monster High Story.

Over the past few years Monster High has become one of the most popular lines of toys out there. These scary looking dolls are based on well known monsters and the idea is that the characters are actually the children of monsters such as Frankenstein, Dracula etc… As well as the dolls there is a TV show that has been running for a few years, you can watch episodes each week online and keep up with the adventures of all your favourite ghouls. The creators of these dolls are the well known toy company Mattel, they keep bringing out new storylines and new characters thus giving them more scope when it comes to making new dolls for kids to buy. One of the latest new characters to be introduced is Skelita Calaveras.

Skelita Calaveras

The Skelita Calaveras Doll

If you are a fan of Monster High and follow the story you will thus be aware that Skelita Calaveras is not a character who currently features in the show. She is a brand new addition to the list of names and we are expecting her to make her first appearance in the TV special expected to air around the new year called ‘City Of Frights’. This show follows the ghouls as they travel to Scaris which is the hometown of Rochelle Goyle. While the ghouls travel the city they meet two new friends, Jinafire Long who is also a new doll coming out soon and also Skelita Calaveras. We are assuming that these two new characters will travel back to school from Scaris with the girls and then be part of future episodes. It is possible that they may only appear in this special show but if Mattel want to sell lots of their dolls then it would make more sense for them to feature more regularly in future episodes.

So looking at the character, as you can see from the picture and have probably worked out from the name, Skelita comes from a family of Skeletons. Her name seems to suggest that she originates from Mexico and a rough translation of her name can mean Little Skeleton. Currently we don’t really know much else about her or what her personality will be like, when we see her in the City Of Frights we will have a better idea of what to expect from her in the future. We also are not sure why she was in Scaris in the first place, we will no doubt find out soon.

The Skelita Calaveras doll then looks quite gruesome. It’s probably the most scary looking doll that Mattel have brought out to date. Her face is that of a skeleton that has been done up with makeup. She does look quite impressive and the detail that has gone into her face is stunning. Her body is very thin simply as it is indeed all bones, the joints are nicely done and again there is some great detail included. She comes wearing a little black top with a colorful skirt, she has green shoes on and has her black hair streaked with a few brown patches. We are expecting this to come as part of the Travel line of dolls so we are expecting her to come with her own little travel bag.

When it comes to release date well some people are saying early 2013 but we have heard rumours that this doll may actually have a release date of November 2012 making it available in time for Christmas. If we get confirmation of this we will let you know. This could be a big seller for Mattel but it may depend on how parents feel about the rather gruesome looking character, some may not want their children to have this one. Time will no doubt tell.

Jinafire Long Doll

The Future Is Bright For Monster High

Over the past two year since these dolls first hit the stores, Monster High really has become a global phenomenon. Mattel are keen to press home the advantage and so are bringing out lots of other new toys over the back end of 2012 and then into 2013. At Comic Con San Diego the Monster High booth previewed lots of fantastic looking dolls and some of these are likely to be very popular. Characters we are already familiar with and are now getting in doll form include Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. She will be a new doll coming soon and as you would expect she can take off her head. Scarah Screams is another one that we will soon be seeing, a character who has been around for a while but we have not previously seen in doll format. Also brought out at Comic Con was Hoodude Voodoo, a really good looking doll that is now seen as a collectors item.

A new character introduced is Catrine Demew. She is based on a cat and looks like being quite a popular new doll for Mattel. Along with the new dolls that we have not previously seen we are also getting remakes of characters that we are very familiar with. There will be some new Super Hero dolls coming out and we will see Clawdeen and Spectra dressed up in a way we have not previously seen. An exciting new prospect is the line of dolls known as ‘Ghouls Alive’. We are going to be getting a Spectra doll that glows blue, a Clawdeen Wolf that howls and a Frankie Stein that will have electricity pulsing through her, or seem to at least. There really are going to be some interesting new dolls coming out over the coming months.

When Skelita Calaveras makes her debut in the City Of Frights along with Jinafire Long we are expecting both these new dolls to be hot property. It would make sense for Mattel to bring these out in time for Christmas as experts are predicting Monster High dolls are going to be one of the most sought after gifts this holiday season. As Mattel continue to expand their list of ghouls we will probably see even more new characters coming out in the future and Monster High can continue to be massively popular for a good few more years yet.


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