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New Super Mario Bros 2

Updated on July 31, 2012
New Super Mario Bros 2
New Super Mario Bros 2


New Super Mario Bros 2 is a huge new sequel to one of the most popular Mario games to have ever been released.

Due out on August 19th, this sequel is set to be packed with some amazing new skills, features and hidden objects.

The most perfect thing about New Super Mario Bros 2 is that they have made sure to keep the same, classic, addictive gameplay. Even better, you can now play with another person as you jump, fly and shoot your way through a selection of new, imaginative levels.

What's New in New Super Mario Bros 2

New Super Mario Bros 2 brings some great new abilities and adventures to the game, while letting you enjoy the same gameplay that made it's predecessors so successful.

As with the very first Super Mario Bros, you can play the game the easy way, or the hard way. Searching for hidden areas however will gain you even more rewards than ever before in the latest version.

There are a few key new abilities you can use in the New Super Mario Bros 2. The first helps quickly increase your coin count, with a coin that turns enemies in to gold, and a golden flower that turns enemies in to coins.

Raccoon Mario is back again too, you can fly your way past the bad guys, or get creative, and use the ability to find hidden areas to get some huge coin bonuses!

There is plenty of new scenery for the more visually minded as well, but the biggest change here is that you will play for a vast number of coins, even more when you start competing in multiplayer modes. In many previous Mario games you were talking hundreds, maybe thousands. Now you can even play for the first to a million. The stakes here are HUGE!

As always, Nintendo delivers plenty of little features that keep the game interesting. As you explore the terrain you may find yourself having to use a little ingenuity, even crawling up cobwebs, to complete each level.

So How Does it Compare?

To really compare The sequel to the original New Super Mario Bros 2 is a difficult task. In reality they are very similar games. They each bring unique gameplay and features to keep you thoroughly entertained.

The big difference is that New Super Mario Bros 2 is far more entertaining as a multiplayer game, whereas it's predecessor was far more focused on single player mode (imo).

Needless to say, New Super Mario Bros 2 is a fantastic game, and probably one of the best 3DS games out there right now for simple pick up and play game play.

Is New Super Mario Bros 2 Better than the First New Super Mario Bros?

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    • Hazzabanana8 profile image

      Hazzabanana8 5 years ago from Southern Realms of England

      If it is anything like the first, it'll be good. Hopefully it'll be like Marion Land 3D where there will be a whole second 'half' of the game which is much harder. I thought that was a nice little feature.