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New Super Update for Mario Maker

Updated on December 20, 2015

Amazing new things are coming to Mario Maker

Nintendo has surprised us with new content for the Wii U title Mario Maker. It seems that in this free new DLC you can cause transformations to the items. For example, by shaking a saw you can turn it into a bouncer. And cause Mario to well... Bounce!

Koopa Clown Car phase 2

The Koopa Clown car is also going through some changes. If you just give it a little shake it'll turn into a fire Koopa Clown Car (guess you startled it with all of that shaking) and will be able to shoot fire from its mouth, making it perfect for those of you who enjoy making shooter levels. Should the play shoot downwards, or straight ahead? Well now you can choose. And lets face it Mario really knows how to pimp out his ride, right?

P doors

Now the last item in this amazing update is the inclusion of P doors! Now imagine the P switches uses, now imagine using them for doors as well as blocks! That's right you can make P doors appear out of thin air once the switch is pressed. I can already see amazing puzzles being made using this new item.

So what do you think of the new changes made to Mario maker? Say so in the comments below.


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