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New characters in Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC, Multiplayer

Updated on March 2, 2013


Being one of the best games to come out in recent history, Mass Effect 3 took a bold jump from only being a single player series to multiplayer, and they did it surprising well. Now in the newest, and final multiplayer DLC new characters have been added, and here is a synopsis of all of them.

The first one is the Krogan warlord, the Krogan sentinel that has a massive hammer that is most definitively not copied from halo in any way at all. His abilities are the standard sentinel tech armor, charging his hammer with tech, or charging his hammer with biotics. To unleash his hammer (which actually looks pretty sweet), just do a heavy melee. He can't take cover or dodge. This character is fun for all the reasons you would expect, hes a Krogan with extra health and a massive hammer, which is pretty sweet.

Next is the Alliance Infiltration Unit, who is basically EDI with cooler powers. She can go invisible, shoot cryo from her hands, and summon a repair matrix. for melee she also does some karate. I've had the most fun with her by going behind a group of enemies and freezing all of them, then breaking them with some robot karate.

The Talon mercenary is your average engineer, but his basic melee shoots three arrows from his omni-crossbow, and his heavy shoots a very powerful bow shoot. The bow is really awkward to use, but it can find it's use when you need to reload but also need to kill something, because the crossbow packs a punch. He can set trip mines, and charge his bow with either armor piercing or concussion arrows, all of his abilities use grenades. He plays like a normal character but as a long range melee, so i wonder why he wasn't an infiltrator because then he could snipe for days, and use the trip mines to protect his back.

Next is the female Turian Cabal vanguard, who is actually a pretty cool new idea. like all vanguards she uses biotic shields and biotic jumps for a dodge, but her vanguard charge actually cuts the air with biotics, looking cool and doing damage with added poison, she can use night shade blades to paralyze non shields targets and apply poison. and finally she can decrease damage taken and increase melee damage and movement speed. She is a nice hit and run character, and is original like the Krogan vanguard.

The second coolest character is the collector Adept. I think we all need to realize here that these collectors are being controlled by the leviathans which is cool, but also this is the closest we've come to being able to fight using a Prometheans (collectors are indoctrinated Prometheans) . He can shoot a massive dark sphere to do damage and set up biotic explosions, seeker swarms which protect you and can be reactivated to send them at your enemies, and dark channel which is a damage over time attack. This biotic basically just hurts things all day long.

The final, and coolest new character, is the Geth juggernaut. I have personally been waiting for this for a while now, because this was the warhorse of the Geth. While eh cant dodge or get into cover, he can't be staggered and his first ability is the hex shield, which creates a shield in front of him which is useful for objective games. His heavy melee also steals shields, armor and health from enemies. he also has a longer range siege pulse that is good against armor, and the classic Geth turret that does damage and heals. As this walking machine do death, your going to want to rely on your melee and hex shields to do the most of your work, with maybe a shotgun to boot.

Now that the final Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC has been released, all that left to do now is play the game the most fun ways possible, so that means i'll probably be using the Krogan vanguard and Geth juggernaut quite frequently.


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