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New event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper: Angel of Death

Updated on May 28, 2016

If you've never tried Final Fantasy Record Keeper

If you're a fan of the Final Fantasy series, this free app is available on all mobile phone systems. And while you can make in game purchases, unlike other games, you don't need to buy anything to play, and while it can certainly not hurt, this doesn't dramatically improve your chances of winning.

This is one of the perfect Final Fantasy apps and allows someone to replay games from the Final Fantasy series. With that said, you won't deal with some of various frustrating parts of the games, such as XII's much criticized combat system, VIII's just as criticized ability learning system, and you won't have to deal with annoying (Vanille from XIII), insufferably whiny useless characters (Edward from FFIV), or any other character you don't like, as the game is mostly combat driven and you can pick which characters you control. At the same time, you can learn what takes place in game doing the story dungeons, and face off against the various bosses in each game.

About Final Fantasy Record Keeper

You gain new weapons, characters, and abilities by completing short dungeons or events based on important scenes within each of the Final Fantasy games. You can also acquire weapons by trading in mithril, which can be earned by completing dungeons or being purchased. Weapons can also be combined. Abilities are acquired via combining orbs. The game also includes an adequate (no more, no less) tutorial.

Characters are brought in from every game, so if you want a party of (for example) Cecil (from FF IV), Terra (from FF VI), Yuna (from FFX), Cloud and Tifa (both from FFVII), you can, as long as you have the characters unlocked..

The only drawbacks are that you are stuck with whatever characters you choose when you first enter a dungeon, and you can only choose two abilities per character, which also can't be changed, so you must choose carefully which characters and abilities you begin with. You have five characters you can choose, so I recommend at least one warrior, one healer, and one mage type when you enter the dungeon.

The combat system is a modified turn based battle based on the Active Time Battle system first introduced in FFIV.

There are also level caps, first at level 50, then at level 65, and finally at 80. These caps are only broken with memory crystals (MC I at 50, MC II at 65, and finally MC III at 80 (MC III hasn't been introduced yet)), and you can also unlock Record Materia designed to help characters as they pass their level caps.

One more note, characters and equipment from the game the dungeon is based on receive bonuses in those dungeons, meaning a party consisting of some combination of Aerith, Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Caith Sith, Red XIII, Barret, Cid,and/or Valentine will be more effective in FFVII then in another game, and better than another group of a similar level.

FFIX: Angel of Death

Continuing a trend in recent events, this new event allows you to unlock a villain, Kuja, the primary antagonist of FF IX, and the Angel of Death. I say trend as Sephiroth (FFVII), Gilgamesh and Exdeath (FFV), Kefka (FFVI), Golbez (FFIV), and Edea (FFVIII) have already been featured.

Characters and equipment from FFIX receive synergy bonuses, so they are more effective during this event.

Other unlockable characters include Amarant (a bounty hunter, and a boss at one point), Beatrix (the queen's protector, and someone trying to retrieve Garnet. She's one of the antagonists for most of the game, and an ally near the end.), Zidane (a thief who kidnaps princess Garnet. The game's primary protagonist), Garnet (a princess, bored with palace life, who arranges her own kidnapping, and then joins forces with Zidane), and Vivi (a black mage and Garnet's friend and confidant).

Dark magic attacks Dark Zone and Momento Mori are also available.

And new weapons are Kuja's Punisher Rod, Zidane's Orichalcum Dagger, Amarant's Dragon's Claws Gloves, Beatrix's Thunder Gloves Bracers, and Vivi's Cypress Pile Rod.

Scenes from Angel of Death


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