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New gaming site of Pirate Quest is out now

Updated on February 12, 2013

Enjoy your most exhilarating Pirate adventure online:

Browser-based multiplayer thrill and diplomatically exploratory game Pirate Quest brings the Caribbean world on your screen to become a highly skilled pirate and explore a majestic saga of intrigue and mystery. The cosmic and breathtaking skyways as well as the vast blue waters of the Caribbean are now open for a nerve-chilling adventure! Grab your position and helm on the blue waters to be on an adventure that will always keep you engaged and enthused!

Experience an adventurous life of a pirate:

Pirate Quest gives the player a golden role-playing game (RPG) opportunity to explore the vast expanse of the captivating Caribbean to experience an adventurous life of a pirate. The game enables players to lead their own pirate ship and unveil the different situations and events that a pirate can face. The aim here is to live a life of a Caribbean pirate, raiding and plundering with the likes of several other maritime pirates. The game proceeds by traveling to different ports, exploring treasures and coves, trading in the black market to buy things like ships and weapons, gambling to buy treasure maps, attacking nearby enemy pirates, partnering with nearby pirates to expand your team, and sending your men to plunder villages. The challenge here is to attack smartly or you could be in the hospital or prison!

Enjoy real pirates life:

As a beginner, you perhaps would like to start by taking a training to sharpen your adventurous and pillaging skills. One of the most critical twists in this game is that you need safely place your hard-earned gold in a treasure chest so that it does not get pickpocketed by other spying pirates. The vibrant, interactive arena along with the text-based RPGs together makes this game more alive than ever before!

Experiencing new adventurous phases of a pirate:

"The resourceful and diverse content is the catchiest feature of this game. Pirate Quest is geared towards experiencing new adventurous phases of a pirate as well as building diplomatic skill with its various options and ways to create and sustain your presence in the Caribbean. A few noteworthy features of the game are the live tavern as a chat board, 15 categories of inventory, over 8000 pirates to deal with nearby, and background music," says Robert Moran, the producer of Pirate Quest of Pixabit Inc.

The most admirable aspects of this gaming site:

One of the most admirable aspects of this gaming site is its bar, menu, and tab arrangement, which allows easy as well as quick progressing and viewing. While the menu lets you move around the arena, the tabs and bars gives you access to more useful areas of the game. What is praiseworthy of this arrangement is that you are totally free to customize the tab and menu. Customization also exists in the form of changing your profile and other settings. A special mention goes to the available current levels of health, awake, nerve, and energy; which can be increased for the purpose of training or revitalizing yourself after a wounded defeat in the battle with other pirates – a feature that is very realistic.

You've no need to pay:

The site Pirate Quest has around 9,000 monthly distinct pirates. The players are allowed to play the game without spending a penny. However, for better experience and for dealing with more mean pirates, the players can choose to purchase more advanced supplies by paying small fees.

About Pixabit Inc.:

Browser-based RPG game Pirate Quest, is built by a Californian firm named Pixabit Inc. Established according to the bylaws of the state; it is a developer as well as a publisher of free online game.

Your experience about Pirate Quest:

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