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New Fifa 13 Review

Updated on December 8, 2012

Fifa 13 Cover

Fifa 13 Game Cover
Fifa 13 Game Cover

Fifa is back!

Its that time of year again where Fifa and PES fight it out to be the top game of the year. Fifa generally dominate each and every year due to plenty of new ideas for example Ultimate team, seasons and other online ideas within there game modes. Below I will be going through some of the main points about the game so you can decide and get an insight on the gameplay and longtivity.

Skill Games:

Fifa has included various Skill games to play through either pre-match or as selected games from the main menu. Each skill game has a level of difficulty from Bronze to Gold and a further mode just to see if your an amatuer to World Class player. To progress from Bronze to Gold you need to complete the tasks within a time limit and also hit the targets set before the time starts.

Skill Games Menu:


Fifa 13 or PES?

Fifa 13 or PES?

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When in match you will find the fundamentals of the previous Fifa 12 game remain with a few minor tweaks. EA has kept intact the Tactical Defending function to make players think more about containment and postioning rather than direct pressing of the opposition. The impact engineer also has been improved if not only slighty to reduce the amount of comedy moments when the physical parts of the game take action.

First Touch control is another feauture of the game where when the players recieve the ball they are meant to have a more fluid first touch. Personally I have not seen any improvement if not any at all. I believe the players in Fifa 12 had a better touch than those in Fifa 13. Each and everytime on Ultimate team I will play a game and my players will seem to not want the ball played to them or stop running towards a good throughball played to them which is incredibly frustrating for myself and others I play with.

Dribbling has been improved in Fifa 13 with support from other team mates also improving allowing a more disciplined defence and counter attacks. Although the keepers lack of catches and thought is no different if not worse than in Fifa 12, a great example of this would be a high ball going or the top of the net which the keeper could catch or leave as its obvious or slow moving and the keeper is in position to catch it would decide to parry it over the bar instead. Also the keepers tend to parry the ball out alot in Fifa 13 allowing the opposition and yourself to easily score a second chance effort on target due to keepers inability to get back up and in position in time.

Fifa generally is really fasted paced now with quick free-kicks and throw in's creating a state of emergency through-out each game making it more intensive but also makes the game less fluid due to more mistakes and the players generally making poor decisions like passing to the wrong player, passing backwards and not in front and worse of all making a tackle but the tackle button carrying on and shooting up field but also with the edition of players not running towards the ball that is closest to them without having to cycle through all your players before finally getting to the player you want.

Is this the Game for You?

If that sounds like tainted praise, then I suppose it is, and if this development is something you object to then you can always choose PES 2013 instead this year, because after a few years of rebuilding it now offers a credible alternative. If you do go with FIFA 13, however, then you will find more ways to play it, all of them detailed and engaging, than ever before, and you will probably still be playing it when we're back here again in a year's time for the next instalment.


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