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Next InFamous Game Ideas

Updated on November 11, 2015

First Idea - MMORPG

Okay so what if the next game is an MMO? I'm putting this one here first because it is the most unlikely but imagine how cool it would be. There can be several different factions, each has their own power (or set of powers). For example, one group could be started from 3 npc conduits who control Fire, Electricity, and Acid, and they all got together to form the some energy themed group, Then those three started giving people those powers (like Augustine did to the D.U.P.) and those people are the players.

Other factions could use powers like

  • Ice
  • Water
  • Concrete
  • Smoke
  • Neon
  • Video
  • Paper
  • Nature
  • Junk
  • Light/Celestial
  • Darkness
  • Necrokenisis/death

The Factions in the game would be each group who would assign the players to do quests. Each player will level up in time and the levels will work as this games blast cores.

Idea 2 - Infamous Alternate Dimensions

So this Idea views life from the darker side of things. What if Cole was evil? What if he is still alive as well as several conduits?

Time goes by after Cole becomes the beast, flash forward to Seattle. Delsin is sitting over the grave of his brother who died due to the plague. Delsin is on his way back to his tribe when he gets jumped by a group of 4 "Hunters" who hunt down suspected conduits and try to get them to join them. They suspect Delsin is a Conduit and one of them grab his arm which causes him to gain their powers. These four people are ironically Eugene, Hank, Augustene, and Fetch. All of their lives are different since the Conduits weren't wiped out. Now they all must work together to find a conduit who they hear is powerful hiding out in L.A.

Once they arrive in L.A. they see how bad things are. Muggers are everywhere, new swamp monsters are back, and things are worn down.Shortly after arriving there, Delsin comes across something strange, a glowing rock. He grabs it, which causes a massive explosion, but gives him ultimate control over his powers (he has all his powers from the previous games, this way players don't need to go to all those generators again, and he also gets to wield all his powers at once. (To do this, allow the players to use the Directional pad to switch between powers.))

They eventually come across a conduit who is controlling these swamp things. The characters and Delsin go in to fight him and after 1 or 2 battles the swamp monster controller is defeated and Delsin is given the new power to summon things swamp monsters and summon projectiles, and to recharge this power he just needs to absorb some water (puddles and lakes count). Eventually Delsin meets the leader of the gangs of muggers, a conduit named Kuo, who in turn gives him ice, which shares it's power storage with the summoning power. Then eventually they meet a wise old man who grabs Delsins hand which gives him the power of Electricity. You know where I'm going with this. The man calls himself Kessler, he claims to be the powerful man that they were searching for, but he also goes by the name Cole. He came back from the future because he realized what he had caused and he believed Delsin was their only hope. So Delsin goes and fights Present day Cole to defeat him. Just as he though he was done though, the Beast emerges and now Delsin must defeat the beast. After he defeats the beast he is given the final power of time warping, which will allow him to go back in time to play the game over again on new game+ with all his powers.

So as for good and bad things. Eugene tries to get you to do what is right while Hank tries to tell you to do what is wrong. Fetch and Augustine are always switching back and forth.

Idea 3 - Sucker Punches Idea

Now I'm sure Sucker Punch is currently working on a game. So here are some ideas to add in if they can:

  • Forts. In each game there are several districts which need to be claimed. In the next game, allow there to be a side mission where the player must take down a fort by beating all the enemies in the area. But make it more fun than that. Remember in InFamous 2 when you had to invade the fort? Make it be like that again. That was probably my favorite mission in all the games.
  • More powers. I don't care how they get added, just make more than 4 (if you still play as Delsin.)
  • Side Missions. InFamous Second Son didn't have side missions like the previous games did. Instead they had a bunch of repetitive missions to kill a guy or bust a camera. Please bring back side missions
  • More good and evil impacts. Okay, whats the point of choices if they don't cause anything? The only real difference between good and evil in Second Son were two quests and the Ending! Seriously!? Come ON!
  • More exploration. Make the map bigger. It's a new console, I know it's possible.
  • Creation. Allow players to make their own missions again. Even if this comes as a DLC it would still be fun.

Idea 4 - InFamous Third Blast

Okay we have First Light which follows Fetch, We have Second Son which Follows Delsin, but what about Hank? We should have a game where it follows Hanks story. Allow us to break open bank vaults with our smoke powers, or rob stores like in gta. The money made could be used to buy some Blast Shards on the black market at that's how some powers can be had.

And of course add in the arena again.

InFamous Fourth Broadcast
InFamous Fourth Broadcast

Idea 5 - InFamous Fourth Broadcast

Much like third blast, fourth broadcast will be following Eugene. Show people what it's like being bullied and get to become THE GIANT ANGEL OF DESTRUCTION!!!!!!

No but seriously these last two ideas should be a real thing and it took me a long as time to come up with these names so yeah.

Idea 6 - Fifth Cement

Like the previous two but with Augustine. Who knows who would like it though...


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