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Could Yugioh Go be the next thing?

Updated on August 9, 2016

With a definite reign over the world as we know it Pokémon Go is topping every news program and every social media site all around the world. Anyone with a brain would and has to agree with that, It's just common sense. The only thing that bares a question in my mind is what is next? How are other companies and game developers going to top this amazing creation.

I was discussing an idea with my friends the other day about a game that's been around remotely as long as pokemon has. Yugioh. Growing up we loved Yugioh just as much as pokemon. The shows resignated within us to duel and collect cards, travel and compete with other duelists in order to become " The King of Games". Unfortunately nothing ever came of this amazing show. No movies were made, No adventure video games, No interactive games to which you could walk around and duel your friends.

Lately we have been putting ideas to paper.

What if there was a game console that did just that. It wouldn't have the walking part that Pokémon go clearly handles, but it would bring yugioh back to the world in a whole new twist. develop a system that hooks up to your tv via Bluetooth. Maybe using a duel disk. Connect the duel disk remotely to a smart tv with internet access so you can challenge your friends, who would be doing the same thing on their tv.

As for the cards. Each card will have a small chip on it where it would be inserted into the duel disk and read like a CAC card or a credit card. The chip would have all the information related to the cards info (Name, Attack, Defense, Effect, Stars, and all basic knowledge info)

The duel disk will acknowledge the existence of the card and whether it is face up or down depending on how you placed the card. and it will show up on the tv screen as such.

I think this could be a great idea, and could take off just as fast as pokemon go.


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