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Ni no Kuni walkthrough, Part Forty-Five: Clarion Errands

Updated on June 19, 2013

The path to Shadar's castle is soon to be open, thanks to the Clarion, and Oliver and company need only step through the palace in Perdida to reach the Miasma Marshes that surround the fortress. Before they go, however, some people 'round the world need their attention…

A young woman from Al Mamoon who always wanted to be a singer appears to have given up on her dream.

The young woman is standing south of the western milk fountain in Al Mamoon, and she's given up on becoming a Mamooni Idol. Bring her some Ambition from the man outside the Cawtermaster's Store in Al Mamoon to restore her to normal.

Completing this task will earn you three Patty Cakes, 1500 guilders and five Merit Stamps.

The Castaway Cove fisherman who overcame his fear of the sea is now said to be troubled by a new concern.

The fisherman is where you left him, on the southern boardwalk of Castaway Cove, and he no longer knows What Fishermen Want. Help him re-realize his dream with some Ambition from a boy a little ways up the boardwalk.

Completing this task will earn you a Bottle of Sprite Dew, 1500 guilders and five Merit Stamps.

The Hamelin researcher whose confidence should be restored appears to have abandoned his research once more.

That same blasted researcher on the main street of Hamelin has gone all brokenhearted again, and this time has been lost in The March of Progress. He needs Ambition - and two fairies at the Fairyground have just the stuff.

Completing this task will earn you a Whirly Whirlies Gem, 1500 guilders and five Merit Stamps.

A Perdidan llapaca herder seems to be very downhearted at the moment. What could have happened to him?

You may have noticed a trend in the latest glut of Errands, and the llapaca herder near the entrance of Perdida is the same as the rest of the troubled souls - he's thinking of Llpacking it In. Bring him some Ambition from the little girl in the north of Perdida.

Completing this task will earn you two All-be-Gones, 1500 guilders and five Merit Stamps.

The travelling merchants are still in Ding Dong Dell… and are still arguing!

Shadar's really got a hate on for this couple. They're where you left them in Ding Dong Dell, and the wife has had A Change of Heart about the whole opening-a-business thing. Bring her Ambition from a fairy in the Fairyground to finally give the pair a happy ending.

Completing this task will earn you a Healing Rain Gem, 1500 guilders and five Merit Stamps. They'll also give you alchemical formulae for some amazing weapons, armour and accessories that are well worth investing time in to produce before you head to Miasma Marshes. There, now wasn't that worth all the trouble?

Sidequesting be darned! You've got a world to save! Head to Perdida and let that Clarion ring true!


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