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Ni no Kuni walkthrough, Part Seventeen: Castaway Cove

Updated on June 19, 2013

Oliver and company need greater magic, and the only place they can learn it is at the feet of more Great Sages like Rashaad. To find another, they'll have to hop continents - and the only place to do that here is to the far south of Al Mamoon. Leave the city, make your way to the greenery, and say hello to Castaway Cove, nestled snugly at the bottom tip of the continent.

First impressions are not good, because the moment the team sets foot in the city, they'll catch wind of a theft. One man has stolen another man's wares. Oliver won't stand for this, so it's a race to get the goods back!

… but, first, you can look around town a bit. The thief isn't going anywhere.

Beside the wronged peddler is a Cat's Cradle inn. Stay here for another Regions of the World page, and check the chest by the entrance for a Bar of Milk Chocolate. Cross the bridge north of here to find a Swift Solutions branch; you'll be back here in a little while. For now, check the chest near it for a Slice of Sweetie Pie. Back on the south side of town, take the lower path to the east to the docks. Near the stairs down you'll find a Sandwich, and on the first pier you'll find a blue chest containing a Fishburger. Delectable.

Time for some errands? Not quite. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the errands and the bounty hunts found in Castaway Cove require a mode of transportation you currently lack. Forget about them for now - or accept them with the understanding that you can't beat them yet - and set off in pursuit of the thief.

Follow the thief down to the pier. He'll act a bit odd, then throw the massive pot he stole at you and run off. Thanks? Drippy decides that the act of stealing must be the important thing to this guy. Odd, that, but… oh well. You now have a Pecuilar Pot; return it to its owner near the entrance of town.

The man is not relieved to get the pot back. He says it refuses to open - and, when he tries to shove it on the group, further reveals that it makes bizarre noises at times. Drippy concludes that it's a cauldron, of the kind owned by wizards, and Oliver would do well to make it his own. Check the Wizard's Companion, Chapter Two: Alchemy, for the magic words that will pop the cauldron open: 'Open Says-A-Me'. Of course those are the words. Heal, save, use them on the cauldron -

- and be prepared for a most nasty surprise as a genie pops out. Meet mighty Al-Khmei, a brutal djinn who immediately wants to scrap.

Al-Khemi's difficulty level depends on how lucky you are. He spends much of the fight dipping into his pot and pulling out one of two weapons. If you're unlucky, he pulls out a flaming sword and attacks with Al-Khombo, a mighty three-part slice that isn't too hard to Defend against. If you're lucky, he'll pull out a parasol, be stunned for a short while, and spend the next half a minute swiping ineffectually at you - and during this time your chances of getting a yellow glim skyrocket. As the fight draws to a close he'll also use a countdown explosion attack called Hubble-Bubble that's very easy to defend against - and you should, as it really hurts. Slice away at him and wait for parasol openings. Not a difficult fight overall.

Al-Khemi will bow to Oliver's might in the aftermath, proclaiming himself a part of your team - more or less. You'll receive a Cauldron, a Bottle of Pixie Dew, a Bunch of Sour Grapes and three Bundles of Slumbernot Leaves. He'll also introduce you to Alchemy, and present you with your first formula. Use the items you just received to create a Bottle of Sprite Dew, a fantastic, all-healing brew.

With a genie and the secrets of Alchemy in hand, Oliver now needs a ship to get underway. Check the peddler who formerly owned the Cauldron for things to buy - he's basically a combination of a Hootsuite and a Cawtermaster's Store - then head back to the docks!

(Note: At this point you can begin combining things in the Alchemy menu to see if you can create powerful new items. This isn’t a great idea, though, as you're just likely to waste a lot of ingredients. Don't worry about it for now.)


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