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Ni no Kuni walkthrough, Part Thirty-One: Errands and Bounty Hunts Abound

Updated on January 30, 2013

Though they may not realize the importance of what they've done, Oliver and the group have retrieved Mornstar, the wand of legend that Shadar worked so hard to keep from the Pure-Hearted One. Back to Hamelin to use Breach Time and return to the present!

Equip Mornstar on Oliver and head back towards Hamelin. Along the way, Gascon will take off on his own adventure, leaving Oliver to deliver Marcassin to his father. Return to the palace… and… well, watch the cut scene. Needless to say, you find out a lot more about Swaine, and discover that Shadar's been active for a long time.

Afterward, talk to Marcassin in his quarters. His Belief will shine strongly, and you can pluck that belief and take it to his future self. Then use Breach Time to zip everyone back to the present. Run into Marcassin's quarters again and use Give Heart to restore his Belief. A long cut scene will ensue, culminating in Oliver's next assignment: tracking down a Sky Pirate named Kublai, who stole a map that will lead the team to three gems that can power up the Mornstar. Marcassin will wrap up by teaching Oliver Ward, Fuse, Insight and Travel. Travel is particularly handy, as it lets you teleport instantly to any place you've already been! Say goodbye, Sea Cow!

You now need to track down Kublai… somehow. Before you do that, though, check in Swift Solutions. You've got a heap of new Errands and Bounty Hunts to complete, many of them outside Hamelin! To business!

There are reports that a Hamelin shop worker is being constantly reprimanded by his employer.

The man is in Hamelin's Black Market, and he just can't work up the Restraint to work properly. Accept Asleep on the Job and you can deliver some Restraint to the poor fellow care of a guard on the main street of Hamelin, to the far southwest.

Completing this task will earn you a Drowsy Drops Gem, 500 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

It seems that a member of Hamelin's town guard is preventing people from entering or leaving the city.

The troublesome fellow is just north of Hamelin's entrance, and it's clear that he's lost his Belief in people. Agree to undertake Piggy Paranoia and you'll find the Belief you need in a man standing across from Hamelin's Swift Solutions.

Completing this task will earn you three Slices of Game Pie, 500 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

A Hamelin researcher appears to be in very low spirits.

The researcher is prowling in a building in the southeast of Hamelin's main street, and he needs Belief something bad. Procure the necessary Belief from the man standing outside his house near the top of the stairs to main street.

Completing this task will earn you three Soft Scoop Ice Creams, 500 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

A man visiting Hamelin appears to have lost something important.

Flippin' heck, mun! Can't this guy go five feet without losing his blasted diary?! He's down on the main street of Hamelin, and in Notes from the Tracks he claims that he lost the diary near the entrance to a mine. The tracks are to the southwest of Hamelin, leading north into a cliff face and built over a large pit. Check the mine for the Traveler's Diary.

Reuniting the man with his diary will earn you a Set of Gaudy Claws, 1000 guilders and five Merit Stamps.

A Ding Dong Dell-dwelling girl appears to have undergone a sudden change of disposition.

The girl is a grimalkin, standing off to the east of the entrance to the palace. She doesn't want to school, and needs some Enthusiasm. School's In! A man on the main street of Hamelin has some Enthusiasm for the girl!

Successfully delivering Enthusiasm will earn you three Handfuls of Chocolate Bonbons, 750 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

Two Ding Dong Dell soldiers appear to be having an impassioned debate about something.

The soldiers are standing by the entrance to the palace, and the captain is feeling fearful. He lacks Courage. Give him the Strength to Soldier On by grabbing some Courage from a guard outside Al Mamoon's palace. (Taking his Courage will also open up a new Bounty Hunt, Fiery Giant, listed below.)

Completing this task will earn you a Blunt Gem, 750 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

A young Mamooni man appears to be very anxious indeed. What could possibly be troubling him?

The man wanders the southern streets of Al Mamoon, and he worries over his faraway love. He needs some Belief to get himself back on track. Accept A Suspicious Mind and you can find the necessary Belief with a woman in the north of Ding Dong Dell.

Completing this task will earn you three Frosty Flans, 750 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

Two brothers from Castaway Cove appear to be having a rather ugly argument.

The brothers are standing beside the eastern bridge in town, and one clearly lacks Belief. Agree to help him to open up … Where the Heart Isn't; the Belief he needs can be gleaned from a fairy standing beside the Hootsuite in the Fairyground.

Completing this task will earn you a Rise and Shine Gem, 750 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

Apparently, some forest dwellers in the southeastern part of the Shipwreck Shore are amazing at alchemy.

This task requires some extra doing, and will be addressed in the next section of the walkthrough. (It's worth the effort.)

Causing a Stink

This odorific beast is found on the path towards Tombstone Trail, if you stick to the east side of the gorge. The Fug is quite a pushover - it will spend most of the battle either hopping around and staring blankly or delivering moderately strong physical attacks. Bowl it over with whatever tactics you fancy.

Claiming this bounty will earn you a Poisoner's Horn, 1200 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

Magmadder than Ever

The Magmadame is back, and she's as vocal as ever. You can find her about halfway up the slopes of Old Smoky (the location, not the general area on the world map), not far from a waystone. Despite being a fair bit stronger, the Magmadame is pretty easy - she relies almost exclusively on physical attacks, and doesn't lash out all that often. Cream her with cold magic or straight-up physical battering.

Again trouncing the Magmadame will earn you a Firewall Gem, 1500 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

Shell on Earth

This bounty, the Shellraiser, is found on the slopes leading up to the Den of the Sky Pirate in the Skull Mountain region. Though it looks pretty tough, the Shellraiser focuses more on defense than offense, relying on its shell to block out attacks - though physical attacks seem to work just fine on it. Defend whenever it uses Roly Poly, smack it around the rest of the time. Not too hard.

Completing this hunt will earn you three Cappuccinos, 1500 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

Splash Damage

You can find this bounty, the Blubber Bubbler, just north of Russet Island on the western shores of Summerland. Unlike a certain similar bounty you fought ages ago, the Blubber Bubbler is quite a formidable opponent, able to devastate enemies at a close range with physical attacks and fire at a great distance with Waterspout. Use electrical attacks to fry it, and Defend often with a dedicated defensive character capable of drawing its attention. (Make sure you stay off Russet Island - it has some tough enemies for this point in the game.)

Completing this hunt will earn you a Noble Attire, 1500 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

Fiery Giant

Unlocked after taking the Courage from a guard in Al Mamoon, Fiery Giant pits you against a Fire Ogrrr on the slopes leading up to Old Smoky. The Ogrrr is a straightforward, one-on-one bruiser that hits hard but is largely quite predictable. Lead him around the combat area with one character while the rest pelt him with icy spells for an easy win. He doesn't seem to hit that often, so going toe-to-toe isn't that dangerous.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Pure Steel Armor, 1500 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

Yikes. These side quests diversions get longer and longer… and they aren't even done yet! Next time we look at The Forest Alchemists!


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