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Ni no Kuni walkthrough, Part Thirty-Six: Tengri Errands and Bounty Hunts

Updated on January 29, 2013

Remember the days when the Sea Cow was a novel form of exploration? They're over now. Little Oliver has his own dragon, and it can wing him anywhere in the world he likes. He could, for example, set out to find the missing gems that will complete the Mornstar, allowing Oliver to fight Shadar on an equal footing at long last. And since there are no new Errands or Bounty Hunts at the moment…

Fly Tengri far to the south, to the Solitary Isle. On it is a lonely grave, and on the grave is inscribed a Nazcaan message which Drippy translates. The results are not encouraging - the stones you need for the Mornstar aren't here. You'll have to check Kublai's map again. Return to Skull Mountain with Travel.

Talk to Kublai. Everyone will puzzle over the riddle on the grave marker, wondering what spell to use on the map. Easy answer: try Insight. Three marks will appear on the map, marking the resting places of the three stones that will power up Mornstar. Kublai will give you the Map of the Stones, and you'll be on your way to find the things.

But when you're back on the deck of the airship… you might notice some flashing dots on the minimap… yep! It's Errand and Bounty Hunt time!

A grimalkin girl from Ding Dong Dell has suddenly started treating her friends very cruelly.

Haven't we seen this girl before? She's to the east of Ding Dong Dell's palace, and she's not treating her friend very nicely. She needs Kindness. Agree to With Friends Like This and you'll have to snag some Kindness from a young woman in Yule, a town far to the west of Ding Dong Dell and the Summerlands.

Complete this task and you'll earn three Cheeseburgers, 1000 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

A young male grimalkin has been spotted muttering to himself in Ding Dong Dell. He seems to be very anxious…

The grimalkin is wandering around outside the palace, and his Tail of Woe has him a bit low on Confidence. You can procure said Confidence from an old woman in Yule, beside a house to the left of the Cat's Cradle.

Complete this task and you'll earn three Breeze Cakes, 1000 guilders and three Merit Stamps, as well as a new alchemical formula.

A Mamooni artist appears to be in very low spirits.

The Mamooni man is in the Cat's Cradle of Al Mamoon, and he's none other than Con the Artist. He's lost all Confidence in his work. Help him with his Artist's Block by grabbing some Confidence from a merchant in the western streets of Al Mamoon.

Completing this task will earn you a Phoenix Tear, 1000 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

Despite his friends' best efforts, a comedian in Teeheeti seems to be rather down in the dumps.

The comedian is at the first stall on the right from the entrance to the Fairyground, and he's lost his Confidence. Agree to Comedy Gold and you'll find the Confidence you need with an old woman near Ding Dong Dell's Swift Solutions.

Complete this task to earn three Pies on the Bone, 1000 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

A famed Hamelin researcher seems to have lost all faith in his abilities of late.

The researcher is one you've met before, in the south of Hamelin's main street. He's lost all Confidence in his work. Solve A Crisis of Confidence using Confidence from a man in Hamelin's Swift Solutions.

Completing this task will earn you a Vial of Sage's Secret, 1000 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

A mechanic in Skull Mountain has a favor to ask.

The mechanic is in the part of Skull Mountain where Tengri used to sit, and he has a problem his Broken Booster is, well, broken. In a novel idea indeed, Oliver decides that Rusty back in Motorville might be able to solve the problem. Huh. Agree to The Mechanic's Lament and you'll find Rusty in his garage in the south of Motorville. He'll take the Booster, muck about with it, and hand back a Brand-New Booster.

Complete this task and you'll earn a Suit of Stout Armor, 1500 guilders and four Merit Stamps. The mechanic will also toss in an extra, brand-new alchemical formula.

A sky pirate in Skull Mountain appears to have something on his mind.

The pirate is near the waystone, and he's lost his lucky Gustplume. He needs a new one. Agree to The Sky Pirate's Charm to set out on a search for a new Gustplume, which he says can be procured from Beachheads in the seas 'round these parts. Simply get into a fight in the Sea Cow while patrolling the seas around Skull Mountain and, eventually, you'll find a Beachhead that you can kill for a Gustplume.

Complete this quest and you'll earn a Whirligig Gem, 1500 guilders and four Merit Stamps.

Bewitched by a Beast

Found in the north of Billy Goat's Bluff, to the northwest of Hamelin, the Dualynx is accompanied by three lesser Auroralynx. All four will only attack physically, reserving their MP for spells - Healing Rain by the Auroralynx, Healthy Glow from the Dualynx. Their powers make the battle long, but by no means hard. Use your strongest attacks on a single enemy to eliminate it before it can enjoy healing, then move on to the next. Repeat until they're all defeated.

Complete this hunt to earn Mystic's Robes, 1500 guilders and four Merit Stamps.

Catch the fleeing Fiend

In this bounty hunt you must take on the Tempustus Majora, found on a stretch of land south of Skull Mountain in the Summerlands. The Majora is a big, dumb bruiser which relies on a few minor water attacks and its great strength to survive. Fire works well on this creature, though even with fire attacks you'll have to work its HP down bit by bit. Not too hard, but a slow fight.

Complete this hunt to earn Stout Armor, 2000 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

An Island in Crisis

On the smaller section of Swan Island, off the northern coast of the Summerlands, you'll find the Dusty Fug wandering about. This Fug is just like the one you fought near Hamelin - big, lots of HP, decent physical attack, and just about nothing else to complement its muscles. With a little of effortless chipping away you can beat the Dusty Fug into horrible submission.

Complete this hunt to earn a Medal of Agility, 2000 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

Errands complete! Care for a few more? Of course you do. You've become acquainted with the tiny snow town of Yule; best you visit it again and learn more about this tiny community. Maybe somebody here can help Oliver with the first Mornstar stone?


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