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Ni no Kuni walkthrough, Part Twenty-Five: Hyperboars in the Bushes

Updated on June 19, 2013

The residents of the Fairyground have been saved, thanks to Oliver and Drippy, and with the Sea Cow operational they're free to leave the Fairyground and head on to Autumnia. But the allure of Merit Stamps is great, and a mighty six to be found in the Golden Grove is just too tempting to resist…

Peace has returned to Golden Grove, and so have the fairies - but something still seems to be bothering them…

The troubled fairy is standing in front of the Spring of Life where you fought Gladiataur, and he's complaining of a new threat to the Grove: an influx of Hyperboars. The beasts are eating all the fungus, and they won't stop until they've stripped the place clean. Oliver will have to thrash the three Hyperboars. Agree and you'll unlock the task Hyperboars in the Bushes. Each Hyperboar is accompanied by two Crashing Boars, save for the last, which is accompanied by three. Fire works wonders on these fiends.

You can find the boars in this order, proceeding from the petitioner and heading north:

  • The first Hyperboar is by a mushroom in a large clearing roughly north of the petitioner. Follow the path into the forest and you will eventually run afoul of the boar.
  • The second Hyperboar is northeast of the first. Follow the path to your first left, then head northward to find the boar.
  • The third boar is along this same path. Continue north, around the curve and back west a short ways, to find it.

Save at the waystone on your return from the depths of the Golden Grove once you've killed the Hyperboars. When the Spring of Life comes into view you'll see that your fairy employer is being pestered by another boar - this one spouting flames from its snout. It's the Full Boar, accompanied by three more Crashing Boars, and it has beef with anyone who would get between it and a good meal. Cue your first errand boss!

Though Full Boar has boss music, this fight isn't that much more difficult than the previous Hyperboar battles. Its attacks and movements are largely the same, only supplemented with more damage and more HP. Use cold attacks to whittle down its HP (a bit low for a full boss) and Defend whenever you get a hint of Belly Buster being used, as getting knocked off your feet by this brute is plenty annoying. You're best off killing the Crashing Boars before you focus on their boss, but the battle is not so lopsided that it really matters which boar you kill first.

After you save the fairy, as well as the mushrooms of Golden Grove, you'll receive a Pointy Hat, 700 guilders and an absolutely fantastic six Merit Stamps. More than half a card on its own, en't it?


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