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Ni no Kuni walkthrough: Post-Game Bounty Hunts

Updated on February 2, 2013

Once you beat Ni no Kuni, a slew of new Bounty Hunts will open up. This list covers All Bounty Hunts not associated with the Errand The Conductor, which opens up a ton of other tracking missions. Be prepared - some of these beasts are pretty tough unless you're at high levels.

King of the Deep

Travel to Castaway Cove and sail west towards Nazcaa on the Sea Cow. On the west side of the continent you'll find a smaller island called the Hermit's Shell. Inside the small lagoon floats the Prince of Whales. This aquatic monarch is extremely straightforward - it only uses physical attacks, and normal ones at that. Beat on it with lightning and wind.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Dragon King's Claws, 4000 guilders and ten Merit Stamps.


This beefy turtle can be found on the mountain range surrounding Hamelin, a short ways east of the city. The Shellshocker is just like its cousins: it ambles about slowly, using only physical attacks to ravage enemies, and by this point in the game they're not terribly powerful physical attacks. Your own strikes will get through its defenses quite easily. No huge threat here.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Light Relief Gem, 4000 guilders and ten Merit Stamps.

A Legend Appears

Have Tengri escort you to Solitary Isle, southwest of Teeheeti. An enormous Ionic Collum is waiting to challenge you. (How'd you miss that on your last visit?) Like its kin, the Ionic Collum is highly vulnerable to magic, particularly lightning and wind magic. The only move you really need to watch out for is Wallop.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Celestial Sword, 4000 guilders and ten Merit Stamps.

The next four bounties may be dependent on completing other Errands, as they won't appear immediately after you begin the post-game content. If that's the case, complete some of the Errands first.

Scorching Songstress

These things never seem to get that nobody appreciates their singing talents. You can find the Magmadiva at the foot of Old Smoky, and it's a bit more troublesome than its kin. It adores its tricks, and will alternate constantly between Magma Blast and Palava, both of which hit everyone on the field. Give your familiars fire protection before wading into this fight, and hit the Magmadiva with every water and ice spell in your arsenal.

Completing this hunt will earn you three Troll's Tears and 5000 guilders.

Grave of the Sailors

Travel to Hamelin and head for the Sea Cow at the coast. Sail it up Autumnia's east coast to find Spindle Island, and, near it, the Lone Shark. A swift, brutal foe, Lone Shark swaps between powerful physical attacks and its two tricks, Wallop and Water Cannon. You can avoid both without defending, so try to time your attacks to come after it attempts its tricks. Beat it down with fire attacks for a quick-ish win.

Completing this hunt will earn you three Angel's Wings and 5000 guilders.

Incredible Ulk

At long last, you get to take on a majestic Ulk! A lot stronger than it looks, the Ulk would probably be much harder if it wasn't so much of a dunce at targeting. It spends most of the battle alternating between normal attacks and Wallop, which takes a while to charge and is very easy to dodge. (It often seems to fire at… nothing. Huh.) Far more dangerous is Incredible Ulk, which induces the Ulk to belly flop on your character, and no matter where you go this attack will inexplicably land. Go on the defensive when it comes up. Otherwise, wail on the Ulk until it crumbles. Poor guy.

Completing this hunt will earn you three Evil Eyes and 5000 guilders.

Warbird of Prey

Swan Island is northeast of the Summerlands, and your quarry, the Warbird, is on the largest island. Compared to the previous hunts on this list, the Warbird is rather pathetic. It goes to great pains in this fight to steal trivial amounts of guilders from your party, pausing between plunders to attack - and do a decent amount of damage! Perhaps its most annoying attack is Amnesia, which inflicts nix status and nullifies your magic and tricks. This bird is still no big deal, though, so long as you stick to strong attacks. (Don't fret over the lost guilders too much, now.)

Completing this hunt will earn you three Glowstones and 5000 guilders.


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