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Nice Gifts or Rewards for Kids for Christmas, Birthdays and other Occasions or Celebrations Part 2

Updated on October 6, 2011

If you have ample enough of money why settle for less when you can have more. Here are the list of expensive toys that your kids will certainly enjoy and may play a great role on their growth and development:


Stationary Play Center

Often dubbed as Exersaucer, this toy is very capable of strengthening leg muscles and fingers with its built-in toys and series of activities to get busy with. The swivel seat allows your baby for a 360 degree view of his environment. It is also a comfortable place from making him take his medicines, ingest bowl of nice cereals, get nebulized and accomplish other tasks without any difficulty at all.

It is also safer than a walker since your little will not be able wander anymore.

Toy Kitchen

Although it may break the bank, this expensive toy kitchen can give your kid a total blow out. Your kids’ fascination and interests on things around him tends to grow with him. And it is inevitable for your kid to wander around the kitchen and look after what’s inside the cabinets, clank pans or bang pots ala cymbals. A toy kitchen can easily simulate the same without any danger at all.

Toy kitchen will stir your kids to whip up symbolic plays as they mimic their moms’ antics whilst cooking or doing other things. Watch out you kid pretending how to cook and even warn her stuffed toys of being careful with the hot stove and sharp knives. Funny scenario, eh.

Your little kid will spend a lot of hours here whilst she develop her keenness for an independent play and improve her psychomotor skills as well.

Play Gym and Mats

Here’s another expensive toy to boot, that is, the Play Gym and Mat. This pricey toy is cinched to provide many hours of baby happiness and excitement.

The classic play gym is usually equipped with sounds, lights, mirrors and soft bars with hanging toys. Your baby will surely sweep his feet opposite loose flaps that crumples or better perhaps kick a concealed buttons to trigger lights and music.

And last but definitely not the least, you may opt to remove the bars entirely and utilize it as a play mat.

Crib Mobiles

Almost all of the department store will surely have a wide array of musical crib mobiles to choose from which is usually available with rotating toys and accompanied by lullabies. But one of the mobile cribs that stands out is the calm Winner-Ferguson Infant Slim Mobile of Manhattan Toy.

An award-winning toy so as to speak you begin with colors of black and whites and can have more intricate colored graphics as your baby gets older.

You can adjust the height so that you can have the pictures on the right proximity from your kid’s face.

Your kid’s delight will be enormous and you will figure it why this fabulous kid stuff carries a hefty price tag.

Alphabet Board

This portable toy Is expected to endure for many years. They are nice for travel and can keep your kid occupied as she waits for a long trip. It teachers letter names and even letter sounds. Two years later, your little child will surely get interested with the how-to-spell functions. Soon enough, your kids can be able to spell words on her own.

Ride-on Toy

Another toy that grows old with your kid. It can start as an awesome push toy, which is perfect for babies that it is in the process of learning how to walk. Soon she’ll be using her leg muscles to move all over the place. This truly worth it since it can provide valuable and variety of play for your little child.

Thanks for the read!

An entry to the HubChallenge October 2011


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