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Nico Rosberg "accidentally" easy win in Sakhir

Updated on April 5, 2016

Race day official Formula 1 Gulf Air journey 2 Bahrain Grand Prix saw the victory of Nico Rosberg's easy when he outstrips the runner than 10 seconds. It is also the second victory in the 2nd leg of the F1 season in 2016 and winning the 5th consecutive races Nico Rosberg.

Ending the 57 laps at the Sakhir racetrack, Nico Rosberg finishing first with a 1 hour 33 minute record 34 seconds 696.- On the second landing distance 282 is 10 seconds of the Ferrari racer Kimi Raikkonen third and finishing the 2015 F1 champion Lewis Hamilton with 30 seconds 148. the distance that Rosberg set with two riders lined up behind him clearly shows the difference that the German racer was created in Sakhir.

However, these numbers are not really clear on all the happenings that occurred in races Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain 2 Grand Prix. Winner of the German racer becomes easier when his two main rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are accidentally encountered unwanted accidents. While Sebastian Vettel became reluctant audiences at Sakhir Ferrari SF16-H when he was an engine failure in the warm-up lap and absolutely no ability to participate in the race. Despite having accidents but also the fate of the W07-rider Hamilton Hybrid that much luck.

Although there are excellent grading pole in race day, but the big advantage of this was Hamilton slipped. Not only did not get a good position after the starting time, Hamilton was knocked about between the race groups (No. 9) evening after a relatively strong collision with Bottas racing. After the accident caused by Bottas, Williams racer had to put the car into the pitlane allowed to continue the race.

Leveraging these other unintended accident, Nico Rosberg has quickly established a leading position and defend it perfectly for the time the race ended. Despite the time, Nico Rosberg and the distance between the second racer Raikkonen reduced to 5 seconds and the ability to pass the Ferrari racer Rosberg is very high. But with his excellence, Nico Rosberg Kimi Raikkonen not let pass.

As the race for first position alone Nico Rosberg, F1 dramatic stage 2 in 2016 to monitor struggle poured 2nd and 3rd position overall. Soon pushed down to No. 5, but with his determination, Raikkonen quickly occupied 2nd place entering the 8th lap.

Although ranked No. 2 but the main job is not to find ways Kimi beat Nico Rosberg which is trying to maintain his 2nd place before the screen to full-scale attack from Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Romain Grosjean Max Verstappen. However, the distance that Kimi Raikkonen is to create groups so far behind that of the Ferrari racer has maintained second place until the final finishing time.

While race remaining positions on the podium podium belongs to Lewis Hamilton a very spectacular way. After the accident with Lewis Hamilon Bottas not been pushed down the middle of the race that the W07 group he also encountered some damage. But with relentless determination, beating Hamilton Verstappen, Grosjean, Ricciardo to get 3rd place overall.

A little surprise place in stages 2 and F1 2016. With the competition being replaced Alonso for McLaren at the Sakhir racetrack (Alonso can not guarantee power). Stoffel Vandoorne racer has excellent finishing in 10th place with 1 point. This is probably the position that both Alonso and Button "desire" in the last season.

Apart from Vettel could not start the race, stage 2 F1 2016 also features 5 different riders have to go "early bath", including Gutierrez (Haas), Jenson Button (McLaren), Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso) and Jolyon Palmer (Renault ).

Thus ended the race at Sakhir racetrack, Nico Rosberg top spot firmly personal tally to 50 points of the season (2 wins consecutive races), the second place belongs to Hamilton and the third is Daniel Ricciardo . With individual champion F1 2016 he began the effort to defend his championship is extremely difficult.

With two races went through, Hamilton was still quite "confused" to find the style of play his peak. In contrast to Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, it has proved quite fortunate. According to the fans as well as experts F1, perhaps this time only Ferrari as Mercedes-AMG is difficult. However, when the positive signs are gradually appearing with the Ferrari Vettel unexpected happens "accident". Perhaps outside expertise, to beat Mercedes-AMG, the need to have some luck.


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