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Nintendo 3DS: A Step Up In Hand-Held Gaming Tech

Updated on January 20, 2011

What Is The Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS?

There have been a lot of rumors that Nintendo the world's leader in new gaming tech, has been brewing up something special for us all.

We now know that this is true and finally we can start finding out some true, and stable information on the innovative new handheld gaming device called the Nintendo 3DS.

Let us move on to answering some of the common questions about the 3DS, keep reading!

Is The 3DS Different From The Previous DS Gaming Devices?

With the last release of the DSi XL, people are afraid that the 3DS may be another... flop like the DSi XL was. However the 3DS is looking better then ever and is introducing never before seen features that are not just new to Nintendo but new to the entire world of gaming.

Nintendo 3DS Release Date?

Everyone is saying that the Nintendo 3DS will be released March 27th 2011.

Nintendo 3DS Colors?

The new Nintendo 3DS will be released in two colors, Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue. These may be the only colors this is ever released in but we cannot be sure at all!

How Much Is The Nintendo 3DS?

The Nintendo 3DS will cost $249.99 according to Nintendo.

Can I Pre-Order The Nintendo 3DS?

Yes, you can pre-order the 3DS right now.

Where To Buy Nintendo 3DS?

You can at the moment pre-order at and Over at, these are the two sites that I would recommend ordering from.

Once the 3DS is released you can buy Nintendo 3DS game devices from these places.

3DS Plays In 3D or 2D & Has Better Resolution Than Before!

The Nintendo 3DS is going to come in with a bang introducing 3D game play without the need for those fashionable, and sturdy 3D glasses!

The 3DS device has controls that allow the user to set the amount of 3D used. From full throttle to nothing and back at 2D the 3ds will impress everyone.

Games have never looked so great before. Even your old games will look amazing when played on the 3DS in 2D.

The Nintendo 3DS has better resolution then the other previous hand held gaming devices. This type of quality is something that has only been able to be achieved on a home gaming console before. Now the same amazing console quality is available at your finger tips on the go, wherever you go!

Nintendo 3DS Game Controls (The New Analog Control)

The Nintendo 3DS has the same game controls as the other DS devices, so you can start pushing the 3DS to the limit right away without going through the learning curve or figuring out new controls.

However in addition to the old controls is a new control called the Analog control, or aka the circle pad. This will make it easier to control characters and game movements better then ever before in any game device. Game developers can go along way with this new type of control. 

Another thing that is new and improved is your ability to play motion compatible games. No matter if you are tilting your 3DS side to side, forwards and backwards or up and down the new motion sensors on the 3DS will allow any type of movement activated game to pick up on your movements and react instantly.

First Look Of The Nintendo 3DS

How Can I Learn More About The 3DS?

You can learn all you'll ever need to know and more over at our unofficial 3DS website! Get the 3DS review, 3DS trailer, 3DS pictures, get all your 3DS questions answered, and see all the 3DS specs... Coming soon! 

Of course, you can also go straight over to Nintendo's Site for the 3DS.


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