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Nintendo Bundle Bargains

Updated on November 28, 2010

What Are Nintendo Bundles?

If you are a Nintendo fan there are a number of console bundles available from the DS to the Wii and each offering a different kind of gaming experience from puzzles to keeping pets to keeping fit.

Rather than having to pay for individual items such as a console, controllers and games to play many manufacturers provide a complete ready-to-play out of the box kit or bundle. The big advantage for the consumer is you save money and get a bargain on what it would have cost to buy each item separately.

Nintendo has given us some great consoles and games over the years but even so they just seem to get better and better.

Here is a run down of just some of the great Nintendo bundles out now.

Nintendo DSi XL 20 in 1 Starter Kit

What you get :
Charging dock - Secure your DSi XL while it charges
Carrying Case - Double zippered sturdy protective carrying case
USB SD Card Reader - Transfer photos between DSi and computer with ease
Car Charger - Keep your console charged during car journeys
Ear Buds - Listen privately to games
Audio Splitter - Share the sound with two sets of ear buds
3 Screen cleaners - Keep the screen clean and smudge free
Tote Bag - Carry the whole kit in the convenient bag
Large Precision Stylus - Bigger "Pen like " stylus
2 Precision Stylus - Two smaller back up stylus
2 Sets of Screen Protectors - Keep your screen scratch free fro the stylus
3 Game Cases - Keep your games organized and protected
2 Wrist Straps - Use wrist straps to avoid damaging your by dropping it.

The kits come in a range of colors : white - black - bronze- - burgandy

Why would you buy it ?
The Nintendo DS range offers fun and entertainment for all ages and children particularly love them. If you want to protect your console and enhance the experience this is an ideal kit and makes a great gift.

Wii Sports Resort Bundle

This is the classic white Wii console with the Wii Sports Resort game and more.

What you get:
Wii console in white with 512MB internal flash memory, USB ports and SD memory expansion slot
Wii remote, Nunchuk and Wii MotionPlus accessory to increase accuracy of game play
Original Wii Sports game
Wii Sports Resorts game

Why would you buy it?
The original Wii Sports game brought a new kind of multiplayer interactive action that seemed altogether different than from makers. The colorful graphics and cute characters and not to mention addictive fun of tennis, bowling, baseball, golf and boxing. Not simply good fun for anyone from toddlers to seniors but you get a workout too.

The Wii Sports Resort game takes that sports gaming to a whole new level. On Wuhu Island the visitor gets to indulge themselves with a dozen activities from table tennis to wakeboarding. Again just huge appeal for family entertainment for all ages.

Wii Sports Resort Motion Plus Demo

Nintendo DS Lite 17 in 1 Pak

Very similar in idea to the DSi 20-in-1 kit this pack provides a whole range of useful items for your Nintendo DS Lite. these Paks come in a variety of colors such as pink, blue, white and black to match your DS Lite console.

What you get:
Hard case to house your DS
Lanyard to attach to your DS
Screen protectors for top and bottom screens
Charging dock
Car charger unit
3 Screen cleaners
3 Game protective cases to store games safely
High end Earphones
Tote bag to store everything in

Why would you buy it?
The Nintendo DS gaming machines are hugely popular for all ages. Because they are small and portable there is the ever present possibility of losing the stylus, dropping it on the floor etc. These handy little kits provide a bundle of extras that users will appreciate and keep their machine safe.

The Nintendo Range

The Nintendo range offers I think, something for everyone regardless of age. The youngsters love the Mario and pet care games while we, of the slightly more 'advanced years' can keep our minds sharp with the brain trainers and puzzle games. All the while the whole family can indulge in a whole range of things from fun games to yoga.

There is so much on offer this page would be a mile long if I were to attempt to mention all of them. My family and I have gained so much pleasure from the Wii and DS consoles and a plethora of games, I wanted others to get a taste of the fun too.

Here are few more Nintendo bundles to whet your appetite.


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