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Nintendo DSi Face Training with Yoga- New Release

Updated on March 17, 2011

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Natural Way to a Face Lift

Yoga Facial Exercises to Improve Muscle Tone

Nintendo are due to release there Face Training game in time or the Christmas shopping spree in Europe. The company has realised who the majority of their market is and have acted accordingly. They say that 66% of the UK's market are women, that's really quite a staggering amount. On the back of their DS Brain Training they saw sales to the over 40's increase substantially, the people who bought the Nintendo DS console were previously unknown to the computer game market and were likely to have never even had a go on a computer game. Nintendo stepped in and managed to take hold on the market and are now aiming to repeat that success with the DS Face Training.

In the UK Face Training will have at its advertising helm the likes of Fern Britton, Julie Walters and Zoe Ball. And women everywhere will be following suit and trying to improve their looks by doing daily exercises that they follow on the program.

Face Training was originally released in Japan three years ago and has only just been remodelled for the European market. The concept is this; on one side of the console there will be the face of the instructor demonstrating the facial exercises you need to follow. On the opposite side will be your own mirror image taken through the camera lens, this will be so that you can watch, mimic and reproduce as accurately as possible the poses that are involved.

Yoga Face Training will aim to improve blood flow and oxygen circulation to the facial muscles thereby improving skin tone, the appearence of lines and hopefully a relaxation of the muscles that will lead to those dreaded frown lines disappearing.

Nintendo DS Camera

It's been reported that NIntendo will also be launching a camera this Christmas to increase sales along side their DS Face Training Game. The camera can be retro fitted to the console through the GBA slot. It's quite a nice little design that is not to overpowering on the small console.

I'm certainly hoping that Nintendo put a realistic price on the camera so that it will remain affordable to their customers as no doubt there will be a release of a number of different games hitting the market at the same time. Lets wait and see what Nintendo have truely in store for us all this fall.

I will be keeping this hub updated with the news and release dates for the camera and games. As soon as I know you'll know. Or if anyone knows before me they are welcome to send me a message.


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