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Nintendo DS Game Review: Sims 2 Apartment Pets

Updated on September 12, 2017
bbanks27 profile image

Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to let people know about her opinion on a product.


I never keep up to date with the systems that the video game minds come out with. Each system and games are different. The newer the system, the better the graphics will be so please keep that in mind. I don't care much for action games, but I do like strategy or puzzle games. Sims is one of my favorite game series that they have game out with so far. I think it's the fact that players can make their own houses and sims. You can usually choose what job you have and it gives you the option to have kids.


Honestly, the game's graphics really suck. I don't like it at all; you can barely see the sim you are playing as unless you go in to customize your sim. You also can only choose one job to do. In the game, your uncle will have you living in his apartment and your job is to take over his pet salon. You have to do the job all day and you have no time to do nothing else besides to take care of your sim's needs. The pets that you take care of in the salon don't even look realistic.

This is a picture of what the inside of the salon looks like.
This is a picture of what the inside of the salon looks like. | Source

You have the option to play with the pets inside your uncle's apartment. I don't like the fact that you can't see them that well unless you click on them to play with them. You have the option to buy them things for inside their enclosures as well, but you can't leave the item in there! What if you don't want that many pets? Too bad, because you can't get rid of them either! There is sims that will show up and drop off their animal for you to take care of as well and you can't say no. Now your stuck with 20 plus pets inside the apartment.

This game would be great for 10 years older and under. It's not worth buying other than that. It would keep your child busy all day. If you are older than that, then it's not worth it. Compared to the other Sims games, this one doesn't give you as many options. Thank you for reading this and keep your receipts when you purchase any type of game, because maybe the place you bought it from can do an exchange.

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© 2017 Brittany Banks


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