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Nintendo DS game: Zubo

Updated on January 13, 2014

Description of the game

In the game your character comes falling from the sky and lands into the world of the Zubo's. Zubo's are small creatures that all have their own powers. These powers will be needed to defeat the evil Zombo's. You will travel through a number of worlds and with the company of 3 Zumbo's that you can choose to join you.

Zubo's and Zombo's

Zubo’s are happy little creatures who all have funny (and slightly familiar) names. The Zombo’s look like the zubo’s, except they have a darker (blue gray) colour. Zombo’s have the same characters and names as the Zubo’s. In total there are 55 Zubo’s (and Zombo’s) to be found in the different worlds. You can bring a maximum of 3 Zubo’s with you, but you can exchange each of them with another Zubo, once you have found other Zubo’s to choose from.

Powers and powerpills

Each Zubo and Zombo has 4 attacks to choose from. From these attacks there is always 1 attack for which you do not need so-called powerpills. For the other (and stronger) attacks you will need a certain amount of powerpills. You can earn powerpills for every attack youperform on a Zombo. Zombo’s also need powerpills to use their stronger attacks and will obtain the pills the same manner as you do. You will also be able to see the amount of powerpills that they gain. This may help you to know what attack they will plan to do next. Once you are further in the game, you will be given the option to interchange each attack of your Zubo’s, although the number of attacks per Zubo will stay.

Healing after a fight

Zubo’s cannot heal during a fight, they can only be healed after (or before) a fight. To heal them, you can give them food. You can get food the following ways:

  • As a reward after a fight
  • From opening a treasure chest
  • Vending machines you will encounter from time to time

From the vending machines you will also be able to buy items that your Zubo’s can use in battle. The payment for the vending machines is musical notes that you receive after a fight or from treasure chests that you will find around the worlds.

Mini games

During the game, there are mini gaes to be played. Either for fun or to gain another Zubo character. The games ae free to play and include memory, shooting cans, quizzess and even boss battles.


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