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Nintendo DSi Black

Updated on December 2, 2010

Introduction to the Nintendo DSi Black

With the recent arrival of the Nintendo DSi XL and the imminent arrival of the Nintendo 3DS the Nintendo DSi has been overshadowed as of late. However there have been several new releases, including the Nintendo DSi Black, which have given (the still fantastic) Nintendo DSi console a fresh look, and one which many people find much more appealing.

If like me you detested the bright colors of the original Nintendo DSi consoles, then the Nintendo DSi Black could be a great gift for you, or for those who prefer to keep their gaming a little more low key.

While a simple color change might not seem like anything spectacular, it is definitely nice to have the option available.

Nintendo DSi Black
Nintendo DSi Black

A Little Info on the Nintendo DSi Black

In essence the Nintendo DSi Black is the same as most other Nintendo DSi consoles. As the only real difference is in the color, the release of the Nintendo DSi black has not really raised many eyebrows. However the Nintendo DSi Console is still better than many newer Nintendo DSi consoles.

For starters, the Nintendo DSi is much more portable than the Nintendo DSi XL. it is also expected that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS will have a much shorter battery life than it's 2D predecessor.

These two issues combined keep the Nintendo DSi as one of the best portable Nintendo consoles, even if it does lack the visual features of the XL and the 3DS.

Whats inside the Nintendo DSi Black

The Nintendo DSi Black has the same internal specifications as other Nintendo DSi consoles. These are still quite impressive, even though the Nintendo DSi is now getting a little old.

  • Two Cameras, fin both inwards and outwards facing picture taking capability. (The internal camera is used in several Nintendo DSi Games to personalize it!)
  • Connect wirelessly to the Internet for multiplayer and photo sharing
  • Download games and utilities directly from the Nintendo DSi Shop!
  • Access music off any SD card.
  • Facebook Compatibility
  • Wii Compatibility
  • Larger screen than the Nintendo DS
  • Thinner depth than the Nintendo DS
  • Audio Toolkit, change your voice!

These are just some of the features which make the Nintendo DSi Black an amazing hand held gaming console, but what makes the Nintendo DSi black even better is the huge range of addictive Nintendo DSi games which make this a truly amazing portable games console!


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    • RSHunter88 profile image

      RSHunter88 7 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Sounds cool. Too bad the DSi doesn't have GBA backwards compatibility like the original DS or DS Lite.