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Sony Continues to Impress!!!

Updated on July 29, 2016

PS4 Set to Make History

Sony continues to pull all sorts of tricks and goodies out of their hat. And despite initial post-first-hand-experiences with the console and its first batch of released games in November, 2013, it has become the dominant factor currently in the console gaming world. Though its native resolution may be a stale mate, much like its competitor, its graphical processors seem to have a higher output, making its games look and operate smoother. Coupled with an ever expanding online network experience, it's no wonder the console is set to do well straight through to next year.

And as is being told by experts, some if not most users of the original PS4, won't need to upgrade to the NEO for any reason. Only those who truly want to experience what 4K has to offer in terms of gaming, will be willing to pay more for the upgraded console... because according to Sony, this new PlayStation console is just that... an upgraded version of the original PS4, it'll have the same games at higher resolutions, and it'll operate pretty much the same way as the original. I suspect that it may even come with some extra goodies that aren't found on the PS4, but I also suspect that the PS4 won't be hurt by its new brother's presence either. So the PS4 is definitely on course to make history as being the best console of the eighth generation, doing some much needed damage control since a more than mediocre PS3 made its debut back in 2006. To help boost the ever dominant PS4 brand, new exclusives revealed at this year's E3 generated headline buzzes, and the upcoming release of PlayStation VR, while many say the original PS4 wouldn't be able to fully support it, others are ready for the experience of lifetime, regardless of the console that it's coupled with.

And surely the E3 announcements of exclusives like God Of War 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Death Stranding amongst others, are sure to boost sales as the holidays approach. And let's not forget, that there are rumored talks about the NEO being dropped around the same time being the holidays. So things are seemingly looking up for Sony and their PlayStation announcements, despite yet again, the rumored talks about the NEO having a bit of trouble responding to Microsoft's bombshell announcement of the XBOX Scorpio at said E3 during their Monday conference, will not affect them too much as the PlayStation brand is set to be nicely poised lead from the driver's seat. This isn't in any way going to take away from Microsoft, as Sony and its users welcome the upgraded challenge.

Most are only wondering if, with the added upgrades to the XBOX One lineup, may actually harm them or can it actually give them that much needed bounce-back, and find favor with its massive community. Only time will tell, but it is feared that the XBOX Scorpio could actually kill both of its brothers with one shot, even as the XBOX One S sets its sights on launching early next month. This rumor continues to rare its ugly head, coupled with the fact that many experts keep stressing that they fail to see how the XBOX Scorpio could launch 2017, but yet still no mention of a games library, so many fear that the said XBOX Scorpio will not make its debut in that time frame either. They do however, have an exclusive library lineup that seems to be impressive, but experts say that PlayStation's exclusive lineup was much better, and received better by its community. I believe that this was all possible due to Sony's ability to not put too much into their brand all at once, which would've made them less than what they currently are. I think that Microsoft is just trying a bit too hard to do too much all at once, and it seems to be hampering them to the point that its own community feels frustrated, worrisome, and down right duped, due to its many turnarounds.

However, I've said before that only time will tell, and both XBOX One and PS4 lineups can show us more well into the advanced stages as they approach a much highly anticipated gaming community.

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