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Nintendo Out To Impress

Updated on August 3, 2010

Right now...

 Now I'm anything but a gamer. I'm not into sitting down for hours on end playing games like Halo, Medal of Honor etc...Our house is filled with gaming consoles tho. We have a PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360. But those I do not play. They are merely for the entertainment of our roommate and my fiancee.

Give me a regular old school Nintendo and a super mario brothers game and I'm good to go. But of course as the times are changing and technology is advancing, the course of gaming and gaming systems is as well.

So recently I gave in and bought myself a Nintendo DS. And along with it a Super Mario Brothers game. Now I love it. Though I do get frustrated at times with it because I'm having trouble remembering how to play these games. But on the upside it gives me something to do on my days off besides watch tv or play online all day long. (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)

Now if only I can keep it away from the fiancee at times! ha!

And now
And now

Nintendo Impressing me all over again

Nintendo has struggled with its E3 press conferences in recent years, the worst example being the 2008 briefing that angered its core fans to the point where company president Satoru Iwata apologized afterwards.

This year, the company came out swinging with a punchy conference that spent little time trumpeting sales figures and focused instead on the upcoming 3DS handheld and a host of promising software.

As expected, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime emceed the proceedings, claiming that E3 is the place where you can "feel the buzz, and that buzz begins with technology." The technology he was talking about wasn't Sony's 3S TV displays or Microsoft's controller-free Kinect, but.....Wii MotionPlus. It's not the most cutting edge technology, but it doesn't have to be when Nintendo announces a new Zelda game-the E3 press conference equivalent of throwing a steak into a room of pit bulls.

The latest in the storied series, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, requires the Wii MotionPlus and offers a new motion control scheme that emulates holding a real sword and shield. Conference staplesShigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen led the demonstration, which was unfortunately plagued by wireless issues, making the game look a lot buggier than it was on the show floor.

Nintendo made only a few references to the company's casual audience, in the form of announcements for Mario Sports Mix, and Wii Party. The former has the familiar Mario gang tackling dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, and hockey. Wii Party is, natch, a minigames collection that features your Miis. Neither was impressive, but they didn't take up enough time to drag down the conference's momentum.

The rest of the presentation was devoted to quality new games-a number of which were welcome surprises. Legendary game creator Warren Spector came onstage and gave an extensive demo of Epic Mickey. The visually striking Wii exclusive looked in fine for, particularly the leve that featured an early black and white version of Mickey.

From here, Nintendo delivered a series of previously unannounced games. First up was GoldenEye 007, a new Activision reboot of the storied N64 shooter featuring the likeness of current Bond star Daniel Craig. Judging by the applause, many in the crowd have fond memories of GoldenEye multiplayer, even if the new title looks rough graphically.

More impressive was Kirby's Epic Yarn, a new sidescroller starring Nintendo's venerable pink puffball. The visuals turned heads with clothlike textures that resemble LittleBigPlanet, though they could just have likely been influenced by the often-overlooked N64 game yoshi's Story.

For those wondering what Retro Studios have been up to since leaving the Metroid franchise, the next segment revealed Donkey Kong Country Returns, a 2D platformer that harks back to the series' glory days on the SNES. Again, this was manna for the hardcore Nintendo fans.

The remainder of the conference was devoted to the Nintendo 3DS handheld. Satoru Iwata came back with an acual unit in hand. While the technology behind it seems sound, the one problem was that, unlike Sony, which distributed 3D glasses at its press event, the tiny unit and its display couldn't be accurately showcased onstage. Aware of this face, Nintendo marched out an army of models holding 3DS units for the crowd to inspect up close.

The final shock of the show came when on of the most enduring Nintendo E3 rumors finally came true with the announcement of Kid Icarus: Uprising, a brand new game that Nintendo had previously referred to as Project Sora. The game looked impressive, showing aerial combat that suggest that the 3DS is somewhere between the DS and the Wii in terms of graphical power.


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