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Nintendo Wii Black and the high cost of importation

Updated on May 5, 2010
Very beautifull design of the box
Very beautifull design of the box

Nintendo announced to sunday, may 9, the release of a new version of Wii, this one will be Black and comes with two versions of wii sports, the classic one (with tennis, bowling...) and another version name wii sports resort with another games as sword fighting, also, the controlers include the motion plus, that brings more sensibility for the moves.

 I had never a nintendo video game, I had a genesis and after playstations, but I really think wii is an amazing console, revolutionary, maybe in graphics it loss to playstation 3 and X-box 360, but in playing and fun is really amazing, a video game to anyone plays and have fun, I'm really thinking seriously in buy one but now I'm going to explain a problem for you: To buy a wii in US or europe and outside these countries.

 Well, if didn't told before, I'm brazilian and live in Sao Paulo, and making a comparision: This new black wii will cost 200 dollars in U.S. , today, in brazilian money, one dollar cost about 1,75, so , the video game would cost about 350 Reais (the name of our money) , To be honest it is really cheap!!! In stores in Brazil, wii is selled about 800 Reais (about 450 dollars).

 My friends, the biggest problem here is something called importation tax, They simply makes you pay 60% of the value of what you're importing, INCLUDING THE COST OF FREIGHT. And doesn't matter if you're buying something for yourself, somebody sent you as a gift, You have to pay this tax, excluding when you buy books or medicines. And there's another tax that you pay 18% about the value. Sometimes you don't have to pay for it but you ever pay when you use a freight company as fedex or TNT

So, you make a fast calculation: Wii=200 dollars and freight to Brazil= at least 50 dollars, you already spent 250 bucks, plus sixty percent tax (150 usd) you spent 400 dollars, plus the tax of 18% = 464 dollars (and it originally cost 200!), so you convert to brazilain money and you will pay about 812 Reais (more expensive than buy here!!!!).

 Is really sad to live in a globalized world where things as internet permit to us talk and watch everything in the world, make me work with clients in any location without leave my home, and some governments still closing their eyes for it, taking your money for anything you make or buy.


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