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Why buy a PS3 or Xbox 360 over a Wii?

Updated on July 17, 2011

The Wii

Many young people today when buying a games console, choose from Xbox 360 or a PS3. But they always seem to forget the Wii. Why? Wii has a system similar to that of the playstation move, so that cannot be a serious reason to buy a PS3. you move your body to make things happen on the screen. EA sports active is much like the Wii fit, which now has a great sequel. you can use the Wii balance board to weigh yourself, to calculate other things like body mass index (BMI) or if you are obese, overweight, healthy weight, or underweight, using a very easy to read scale. you can add fitness time easily on the fittness log, and it also has lots of great aerobics excercises. There are also many fun balancing games, for example, the hoola-hoop game, where you have to swivel your hips. The faster you spin, the more points you get. And the skiing game. where you shift your centre of gravity in order to weave your way through the flags. I have a Wii, and Wii fit myself, and it is very good.

Driving Games

Driving games on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, all vary in style. On the xbox, the driving games on kinnect in my opinion, are very bad. you have to hold your arms out straight, as if you were holding a steering wheel. On PS3, the best driving game I have tried myself, is Gran Turismo 5. You can use the standard PS3 controller, or if you have one, the driving wheel. It has very good graphics, and over 1000 cars! you can even swap them with other freinds with PS3's online. On the Wii, I think that the best driving game is definately Mario Kart. you can race others online, although you have to go through a long and confusing process to race against your freinds. up to 12 people can race online, but be warned! if you race against strangers, there always seems to be a Japanese person playing who is impossible to beat.

Going Online

Going online is a very different process depending on which console you have. On Wii, it's free as long as you have broadband, but it's complicated to register freinds. you have a Mii, which you can create in the Mii channel, which represents you. On Xbox, you have to pay £40 a year just to go online. Personally, I think that this is outrageous, and it is also the main reason that I didn't buy an Xbox 360. However, registering freinds is very easy. On PS3, going online is free, and registering freinds is fairly easy, like the Xbox, all you need is the freinds name. (whereas on Wii, you need their long number code aswell.)

The Best Game

The best game on Wii is, as I have already said, Mario kart. On the PS3 and the xbox, it has to be Call of Duty: Black Ops. But is it better to play on the PS3 or the xbox? This is something I am stuck on, so please comment at the bottom of the page. On Wii however, the shooting games are frankly terrible, as the television constantly looses the pointer, and the games are mostly animated. James bond: quantem of solace is quite good, but it's old, and the graphics leave much to be said.


Although I still believe the Wii is very good, and the new one, the Wii U is coming out soon, I feel some what disloyal, as I have recently ordered a PS3 off of Ebay. This was mainly because all of my freinds seem to have one. I hope I have given you some good advice on what console to buy.


Do you prefer PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360?

Do you prefer PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360?

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    • Tom Groves profile image

      Tom Groves 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I have written some more now about the first person shooter game problem.

    • The Taco Tagger profile image

      Jim Jimbo 6 years ago

      The reason that most people enjoy other consoles is because the other consoles don't have complicated online features, are in HD, are easier all around, and are more mature. First Person Shooters are terrible with a Wii controller as well and not too many people want to play for hours on end by waving a controller around in front of them. Most gamers want to sit on their couch, drink something, and relax with a controller of some sort that stays stationary. Good Hub though.