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Nintendo gameboy advance sp

Updated on January 6, 2015


The nintendo gameboy advance sp is a portable gaming console released by nintendo

In 2003.

The nintendo gameboy advance sp was released as follower of it's early model,

The gameboy advance.

The SP in the name of the gameboy stands for special-project.


The gameboy advance sp had an inbuilt backlight wich depending from the model you bought

Had 2 or 3 stands.

The second correction was that you could fold it so that the screen wouldn't get damaged.

Also,the battery was rechargable,wich was a great improvement for the time!


The Gameboy Advance SP was and is a great console wich is still popular today.

I' ve been using the Gameboy Advance SP for a year now,whit it's great library of games like the Pokémon series,Mario,The Legend of Zelda,bomberman and it's other great games i must say:this is a wonderfull handheld wich is definitely my favorite!



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