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Nintendo's 3DS vs Sony's NGP - Which is the Best Handheld Gaming Console?

Updated on April 4, 2011

So if you didn't know already, the next generation handheld console war is on. Enter the contenders: Nintendo's 3DS vs Sony's NGP (AKA the PSP2). Which will dominate the gaming market and which will take second place?

And more importantly, which one is the best gaming device for you? Read on to find out more about each device's features, flaws, hype and then vote for which one you want! Let's see if we can't decide this battle right here on this page!

Sony NGP Overview

Not a whole lot of specifics are known about Sony's NGP. The official release date still hasn't even been announced however Sony has said to expect it in the latter half of 2011. Beyond the release date, we know that it's going to be powerful in keeping with Sony's tradition of going for all out power in their gaming devices.

The PSP for example was very powerful at the time of it's release, coming close to being comparable to the Playstation 2. Again Sony has yet to release specifics on the hardware on board the NGP but it has said that it will feature for the first time, a touch screen as well as accelerometers and an extra analog stick and more.

NGP Features

Tilt Motion Sensors

Motion sensors, are everywhere these days. It would be hard to make a new gaming device without motion controls. Sony has announced that Tilt motion controls will be a big part of the new Sony NGP.

3G Connectivity

Like playing games against your friends? How about being able to play against them anywhere, anytime? It's going to be possible with sony's inclusion of a 3G antenna. This will allow any device to sync with sony's playstation network, giving access to game downloads, game trophies and unlockables, and most importantly, multi-player match up and friend lists.

Awesome Graphics

Sony has kept quiet about what exactly it's going to pack into the NGP. But we can expect sony to go for big power and beautiful graphics and it seems Sony is looking to make the NGP the most powerful portable device in world upon it's release. Some have speculated and sony has hinted that it's seeking to make the NGP almost as powerful as the Play Station 3. Can you imagine carrying PS3 quality graphics in your pocket?

Dual Analog Sticks

Finally! Sony has listened! One of the biggest mistakes it made with the original psp was that Sony did not include 2 analog sticks. Just one was added. "Why not 2 like the play station controller!?" fans have screamed since the PSP was first released. The NGP will indeed have 2 sticks making for extra smooth controls for the increasingly popular shooter genre. Games like Battlefield and Call of Duty will feel almost exactly like they do home consoles!

Multi-Touch screen

Two analog sticks not enough for you? How about a touch screen as well? Sony is doing it. Finally it's going to attempt to break into one of the gimmicks that ended up being one of Nintendo's biggest selling points for it's DS series of gaming consoles. But sony is going with out a stylus. Instead, sony's designed it's one screen to have multitouch built in. The touch screen, combined with the traditional controls plus the tilt motion controls mentioned above, are going to give the NGP amazing control options and open up a whole plethora of new options for gamers and game makers.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has garnered a lot of recognition and fame for being a powerhouse in the world of handheld gaming. It was one of the first pioneers and it continues to bring innovation and new devices each generation that set the standard for mobile gaming.

In keeping with this tradition Nintendo has announced and launched the first gaming console with dedicated 3D gaming known simply as the 3DS.

The 3DS's basic design is modeled almost completely after the DS and DSi. The concept of the DS was that it featured two screens and a clamshell design. One screen was only for viewing while the other also provided a touch capabilities. This gimmick turned out to be revolutionary and created whole new genres of games and combined with a low price point and appeal to a wide audience, Nintendo's DS became one of the hottest selling gaming devices of all time. Now Nintendo is seeking to do it all over again, only this time with 3D technology, updated controls and more powerful hardware.

So what does the 3DS pack? Let's check it out.

3DS Features


First and foremost, 3D gaming and Movies. This is the big draw of the 3DS, and something that no other company has attempted. Nintendo has dreamed of this for years and it appears that it will finally make a successful 3D gaming console.

More Powerful Hardware

Second, the 3DS has vastly superior power when compared to the previous DS and DSi. This time around Nintendo has included a more powerful graphics chip known as the Pica as well as higher amounts of RAM and a much more powerful processor. Sony's NGP will no doubt be more powerful, reflecting Sony's tried and true strategy of going for power over low cost, but the 3DS has specs that are nothing to sneeze at.

Improved Connectivity

Nintendo saw the future when it put WiFi on the original DS, but this time around Nintendo is taking what it has learned and building a much more robust internet WiFi experience wtih the 3DS. It features a much more powerful WiFi antenna, and nintendo has already made deals with some big Cell companies around the world to ensure that the 3DS will be able to find an abundance of hotspots for online gaming, for free. But that's not all. Nintendo is going to setup a store to download games, movies, and most likely music as well. Some of Nintendo's impressive library of classic games will no doubt be offered as downloads. Important for those of you upset by the loss of the GBA slot.

New Controls

Upon seeing the 3DS for the first time, it looks largely the same, but if you look more closely you'll see that nintendo has added a round control stick to the 3DS on top of the classic D pad. This makes controls for games much more fluid. On top of this, the 3DS will also feature accelerometers and gyroscopes to add motion controls as well. And dont forget, it's still got a touch screen with a handy stylus included!

Which Will Come out on top?

Both are in their infancy, but the NGP, 3DS rivalry will be really interesting to see. As of now, both devices look pretty attractive. Of course fans from both camps will be their device of choice immediately, but it waits to be seen which console will grab every one else.

As for which is the best, this too cannot be said for sure. The NGP has not been released yet, but when it does we'll have a much better understand of each systems flaws and features and how the compare. 

Thanks for reading. Leave a Comment with your thoughts on the matter, or take the poll below. 

NGP vs 3DS

Which one will you Buy?

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    • werewolf99 profile image

      werewolf99 6 years ago

      I think the 3DS is freaking awesome. The NGP is nothing compared to the 3DS at all. The 3D pictures are cool, and I like that card that you put in front of your 3DS and a 3D image pops out from the card on the top screen. Nintendo really knows what kids want. Parents too! But I'm not a parent or anything, I'm still a 9-year-old kid.

      Man, you should check out my pages. They're usually about something electronic. I got a couple of Nintendo pages. The next one is going to be kinda like this. Nintendo vs. something. Check them out. I make a new one everey week!

    • profile image

      Akira 7 years ago

      Sony NGP.

      I have the 3DS and boy, I am disappointed! Sure the 3D works... but it killed my eyes... The integrated games and augmented reality are a nice touch. The cameras resolutions suck, but they can take images in 3D... The current available games are basically the same quality as the PSP's but with 3D... The bottom screen is still resistive... the top screen is much nicer than a Ds's, but still looks way too pixelated... and to top that all off: Nintendo make a profit of around £150 for every console they sell (at £230)... disappointed.

      Sony on the other hand, are likely to sell the NGP at a loss. It has pretty much everything the 3DS has (minus the 3D), but better quality, and much much more. It has at least 8x the processing power and a great screen (around same resolution as iphone 4) with capacitive multi-touch! And then there is the touchpad on the back with same touch abilities as the front screen. And finally Sony has added in what should have been in the PSP in the first place; dual analogue sticks! That and PS3 quality games make the comparison between them like a GameBoy and a PSP.

      The only thing that'll make the 3DS stand-out in the future is the 3D and its Mario and Pokemon lineup. I reckon it'll be outdated in a few years, if not a few months... It can't compete with Sony's new monster!

      Don't mention unique games... Sony has them all in its pocket! Admittedly so does Nintendo... but if you want up-to-date quality it's only in Sony's pocket!

      By the way, if your concerned about pricing, Sony will probably sell it for between £200-250. Otherwise they'll be subject to the parents' view that 'the cheaper one is the better one' which worked very well for Nintendo with the DS. The 3G model of the NGP will be more expensive though.