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Nintendo's E3 at Best Buy: A King of Prussia Experience(Update 2014)

Updated on July 15, 2014
A picture of Best Buy in King of Prussia  by W1totalk ( William G Chandler Jr.)
A picture of Best Buy in King of Prussia by W1totalk ( William G Chandler Jr.)

Never Been Done Before

I have to tell you, again, I think this has never been done before. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is this week. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft show their new content to the media and the public gets their first glimpse at new ideas and innovations in video games. Nintendo has taken this one-step further.

In over 100 Best Buy stores, in North America, Nintendo has four of its titles from the Electronic Entertainment Expo, 2013, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Breeze, for the public to play in the store.

I wish to tell you about the experience and generally go over my demo experience, what was good, and bad, about Nintendo's Electronic Entertainment Expo experience brought to the public.

But first:

1) What was you first experience with a public exhibition and did you, or did you not, enjoy it?

2) What public exhibition do you wish you could be a part of?

Please comment below.

The Nintendo Experience Line in Best Buy in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania By W1totalk (William G. Chandler Jr.)
The Nintendo Experience Line in Best Buy in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania By W1totalk (William G. Chandler Jr.)

I have to tell you public exhibitions are fun. It is a great way to engage the public. It is great way to meet people and can be enjoyable because it is a gathering of individuals for a specific cause. In this case, the crowd was full of Nintendo fans.

Youth of a Nation

I consider myself the older Nintendo fan. I would realize, on this night, most of the fans, in this store, of Nintendo were in fact high school students and even grade school students. They have grown up with Nintendo have kept with the Nintendo tradition.

Many of them carry a portable device known as Nintendo's 3DS. This is Nintendo's portable three dimensional video game system. Some of them would come with parents. What is clear is many of Nintendo's fans are very young. While it could be discouraging, it is good.

Nintendo, in my youth, was very special. I would discover Mike Tyson's Punch out, would find fun in Super Mario Brothers and would enjoy Duck Hunt immensely on a Nintendo Entertainment System. In that sense, it is good to see the tradition of Nintendo continues in the next generation.

The Setup

Best Buy, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is a massive store, with great employees and media content people want, anything from computers, to video games or movies. The Nintendo Experience was off in a large corner section of the store.

Nintendo fans get to see a huge television, blue and white balloons, water, for anyone who gets thirsty while playing the game, and a display with Nintendo's games display, one Nintendo Wii U console, Nintendo's Wii U Game pad and three Nintendo Wii U Remotes.

You get to meet a lovely Nintendo Representative who explains the rules of the game demonstration and encourages players to explore, work together and find fun in Nintendo's high definition demonstrations.

Each player gets a few times to run through one game, at one point players could have gone through a game for seven minutes, at which point the demonstration ends and players can either exit the store, explore Best Buy or get back in line to try a different game.

In order to prevent people from crowding the demonstration, it is necessary for everyone to stand in a single file line. I would come to understand the demonstration would start at 4pm. At around 4:30pm, a large crowd would begin to engage the Nintendo Experience. So large in fact, a line would go outside of the Best Buy store.

I would not get to the store until 7pm. I know the line I was a part of only took up maybe three isles, in very large Best Buy store. I felt lucky.

My Personal Demonstration

I would be one of four people to play Super Mario 3D World. I have played New Super Mario Brothers but this game requires a different strategy. Four individuals have to move through a level together to get to a flagpole at the end of a level. The individual at the end of the level, who has the most points, by gathering coins in the game, wins that level challenge.

This is game is very different than New Super Mario Brothers U. In the past, Super Mario Brothers, on any Nintendo console, has been a linear game. Super Mario 3D World is non-linear and has an isometric view.

The characters myself, and three others, would control move up the level section. At the end of a level section is a box. The box transports you to another level section. This next level section also goes upward to yet another transportation box,. Eventually, all of the players have to race to a flagpole to end the final level section and calculate points for each player on the level as a whole to name a winner.

In all of it, this is very cool. The overall feel of this Mario game is a race. It is a race to see who can get the most points and who can conquer that level. Characters can also transform. In this case, characters who get a bell transform into a cat. This cat transformation allows characters to become more agile and gets them to crawl up walls as necessary.

The Good

Nintendo bringing E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, to the public is epic. The concept of playing new games in the store is a very good way to get your console exposure. Nintendo fans overall are good people, I think. For me, this was a very sociable experience. Players get to talk about what they like most about Nintendo, what they think about the game demonstrations and just generally engage in getting to know one another. I have to thank Nintendo for such a wonderful experience in that way.

The Bad

One single file line to one Nintendo demonstration is murder. When I came to Best Buy, most of the crowd had left. On a busy day, this could be murder. I do know I got to the store at 7pm but I could not play the game demonstration until about 8:30pm. There will be another demonstration on Saturday, June 15, 2013 from 1pm-5pm. I imagine that crowd is going to epic.

In the End

The Nintendo Experience is meant to expose people to what Nintendo has in the Wii U. It is not a bad experience, especially in Super Mario 3D World. I wish I did play Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8 or The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, a game I was told is good for any beginning Nintendo fan. I suggest Mario Kart 8 though if speed is what you are after.

I do encourage anyone who gets to visit Best Buy, in King of Prussia, this weekend to stay for all of the games if time allows it. I have only one message to Best Buy though, in fact all of the Best Buys participating in the Nintendo Experience.

Best Buy please make this experience larger on Saturday. Make this more like E3, in order to prevent a restless crowd, though it is great to talk with other Nintendo fans. Open up four more Nintendo Wii U consoles. Set up four big screen televisions near the Nintendo Experience.

Place games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Zombi U, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Dark Siders 2 in the Wii U consoles. Get your enthusiastic employees, engage customers in the multiplayer experiences in these games and really spread the Nintendo Experience around.

Get people moving around the store, get people engaging in conversation, get peoples’ interests in these games that are on sale and in the Nintendo Wii U. I feel something like this would make this Nintendo Experience just a little more like E3 and fun for all those who visit.

Update 6/9/2014

This year, Nintendo's digital event will miss King of Prussia. The event, Smash Brothers Smash Fest at Best Buy, will be in a few select stores in Pennsylvania, June 11th and fifteenth. You get to preview Smash Brothers, first. You get to meet, and make new friends; you get to talk about all the new Nintendo news. Those close to Philadelphia can visit the Deptford Mall, in New Jersey. I hope you have fun and enjoy.

 By Takimata
By Takimata | Source


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