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Nodiatis Review

Updated on July 8, 2012
An aspiring adventurer starts her (could be a he; darned Internet) adventure. This is the area surrounding the starting town.
An aspiring adventurer starts her (could be a he; darned Internet) adventure. This is the area surrounding the starting town.


This hub is going to review Nodiatis, the second MMORPG developed by Glitchless LLC. Unlike Race War Kingdoms (Glitchless' first MMO), Nodiatis has a graphical interface. The graphics in Nodiatis aren't state of the art, but they're pretty good, at least in my opinion (of course, part or most of that may be the fact they remind me of games from the '90s).

It's a game you can play a little at a time, although it rewards hardcore players the most. Read on and see why Nodiatis could be the MMO for you.


Like most other MMOs, Nodiatis has only the most superficial of plots. The kingdom of Draak was conquered by monsters in ages past and now you have to go liberate it. However, consider the fact that the wildnerness around Draak has monsters over Level 100 (and the fact you start nowhere near the ruined castle), and you'll quickly realize that the plot is secondary to the game itself.

Quests are just an excuse to go kill monsters, and don't add anything to the story either. However, Nodiatis' gameplay is what makes it a good game.

Character Creation

In this game, you don't choose a race, although you can select a picture that will represent your character (some are undead-looking, and the one I personally picked was a bird-face). As for classes, the game has plenty of those (over 20, if I recall correctly and didn't miscount). No matter what class you choose, the only differences will be your class bonus and your special class ability.

Each class gets a special bonus. For example, Archers do greater maximum damage with bows and Rangers do greater minimum damage with bows. Each class also gets a special class ability. Using the same classes as an example, the Archer special does improved damage and stun to a single foe while the Ranger special does damage to all foes at the same time (since you only encounter one enemy at a time, this is only useful in PvP).

Once you hit Level 40, you can take a secondary class, and will get the class bonuses and special ability of that class as well. For example, if you're a Ranger and decide to take the secondary class of Angel, you will gain the Angel's bonus to white gems and the Angel's special ability to resurrect an ally in the heat of battle.


The gameplay is pretty simple. As glossed upon in the story section, you move from town to town doing quests given to you by the town seers. These quests give a gold reward and also give you a general idea on where you should be at your level (assuming you're not overachieving and doing quests that are over your level). One gripe I have is that quests don't give experience, and you will be needing lots and lots of experience in this game. The level cap is currently set at 85, and you will start to have difficulties leveling up at around 15-20 or so.

An interesting concept that Nodiatis has is Rested Time. Similar to how action points work in other MMOs, you have a certain amount of rested time per day. Unlike how action points work, you can play even when you're out of time. However, if you do so, your experience and gold gains drop to 1/6 of normal (some say 1/8). In other words, it's intended to be a deterrent to playing 12 hours a day. However, a patch that allows people to spend money to gain 6 more hours of rested time somewhat threw that intention out of the window.

This leads me to the topic of purchasable upgrades. Most MMOs have them, and so does Nodiatis. You can pay real cash to upgrade your character (free accounts can't trade items or use the auction house) or buy time cards. Time cards can be used to purchase paid account time or to gain 6 more hours of rested time (as mentioned above). As time cards are tradeable, it has created an interesting gold/USD exchange rate. As of the time of this writing, a Time Card ($5 cost) will run you 250,000 gold in the Auction House. You can also buy upgrades that allow you to equip Epic Items (the best items in the game) and other upgrades that deplete your Resting Time faster but double/triple your experience and gold gains or reduce the penalty for playing without Rested Time down to 1/2.

Combat in Nodiatis is as easy as just pressing the autoattack button (or autoshoot if you're a range class). However, you have access to a variety of gems that allow you to cast spells to deal damage and heal yourself. There are gems that also act as passive auras, improving your defense or attack stats. You draw gems randomly from your pouch, much like as if they were cards in a deck. This concept, borrowed from trading card games, makes spell-based combat more interesting, as it prevents spellcasters from using their strongest spells repeatedly without risk.


In summary, Nodiatis is a game that is somewhat hard to get into as a casual player, but much more forgiving than Race War Kingdoms. On the whole, it's much more accessible as well. I enjoyed it greatly during the time I played it, and I'm sure you will too.

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)


P.S: My referral link to this game is:

If you join the game using my referral link, I get a free time card each time you spend $20 or more in Nodiatis. You don't have to join Nodiatis via my referral link, but it's much appreciated if you do. :)

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      this game is frickin awesome, thanks for the review

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      this game isn't as good as it used to be, favours rich people

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ok I am gonna try to write this without any kind of douchebag rants or over the top accusations or without using much if any foul language. Just gonna put this down so that hopefully some who see this may be warned ahead of time.

      I started playing nodiatis back around July of 2008. The game was already out of beta version by then and of course there were plenty of players who had already started when it had first came out in May of that same year (or at least I am under the impression it was in May of 08, if I am wrong then I would stand to be corrected).

      I watched civil chat daily but from how the player base acted with new players questions and just what seemed then bully tactics, I kept myself out of any conversations that would get me dragged into their mess. I played mostly solo, helping random players as time went on until clans came out in 2009, this was like 10 months after I started but again my exact time may be off by a month or so (would had to write all this down and had no clue I would need to then to be so accurate.

      I had joined with a clan and in time some became alt war clans while others went dead and some I decided were not worth bothering with staying cause of how it had the good ole boy feel to it (I am sure many of you have played a game where it may be called a clan but only some matter while the rest are just numbers, well this was how it felt)

      over the years there have been many scammers, cheaters, trolls and very unsavory people who have both lived in civil/uncivil chat and also seemed to be the popular people in game.

      All the while there are rules that are said to be followed but all the while the mods in the game (if you can call them that) turn blind eye after blind eye to the things going on in civil chat.

      Let me explain civil chat, it was to be used for game questions and game related talking only and Uncivil chat was to be used for anything goes. yet people continue to get in civil chat and have chat orgies, and sexual talk, bullying players, harassment and so much more.

      The mods are unfair with their judgement s , days will go on where its a complete free for all and then people will get banned for the most simple and ridiculous things.

      The rules state that Glitchless (the creator of the game) can ban you at any given time for any reason and does not have to give an excuse (see folks the law on the internet does not protect us so you have to watch out for games where you invest a ton of money and can be banned with no way to defend yourself.

      Over the years there have been a lot of botters, scammers and repeated rule breakers that have been removed from game, but also in that time there have been several who have been banned for speaking out against the game.

      See the problem is, they want no negative feedback at all, if you question them to much you may get perma banned or banned for a day or several days, you never know how the mods will treat you.

      I spent good money with this game for about the first 2 years and I mean buying multiple alts all upgrades, prem, virtues, the entire nine yards. At one time I was playing up to 14 toons.

      I loved this game, I lived it, breathed it, slept it and ate it. I could not focus on anything else to play and it became my bar, my night out at the club, it became my entertainment. I worked, slept and played that game.

      Make sure you understand this, I am not some troll that goes around bashing games just to cause issues and to try and sway people away, in all fairness I needed to come here and post my feelings and get it out so that maybe I could try to help at least someone else avoid the aggravation.

      I have never been banned, never even been warned about my actions, this is very important to understand because of what i am about to say next. Lately I would say about the last good 3 months I have came undone with the game, lost interest, tired of repetitive game play, I mean people you can literally end up playing in the same area for years, imagine seeing the same two mobs everyday hours on end meanwhile the game forums go unanswered and many posts and questions and concerns are left without any answer. so the other day I was reading through the forums and saw a new player asking questions, it had been like 4 days and not one response, I opened up and let some of my true feelings go about how Glitchless handles the game in general. Now folks I was already aware I could have been banned for saying anything not all unicorns and rainbows about the company, but I had never even been warned and had been a decent paying player for years and I went tonight to check the forums and found myself permanent banned. When I went to log on it stated that no reason was given for being banned and that it would end never.

      so if a person that spends as much time and money as I have with this game and has kept their nose clean for 4 years can be treated this way, anyone can be.

      Mind you I never cursed or said blatent rude remarks, I stated facts and its funny that all my other posts are still on the forums, but the one I got banned for is no where to be seen to even defend me or prove me guilty.

      Let me be honest, if it were not for the player base, this game would suck big time, same ole same ole over and over again.

      One last thing, about a year ago I was having issues being harassed by another player in game which made tons of alts and went around doing things like getting close to others and getting promoted in clan so they would turn around and destroy it, or petty name calling and just so much crap that was wrong. I was bullied on the game forums mind you and I emailed the company several times with screen shots and even had other clan members (I started my own clan to ensure some peace of mind and to only have those I knew would bring to the table the same intentions I did) report him on forums.

      Glitchless never responded to me and could have been cause I happen to have been bullied over the fact I am gay. It was funny that Glitchless answered all others back via email other then myself and my partner which ran the clan together. You all know what happened to the guy doing all the im's and forum posts? he got a 1 day ban from the forums which didn't even last an entire 24 hours.

      This player was eventually banned from game for other actions but I felt like I mattered not one bit and with the new laws of today, gay people have almost as many rights as everyone else and I would have figured that meant players harrasing and demeaning and making up terrible lies about others would have been dealt with proper, but sadly it never was.

      I have seen the game go downhill in the last year esp. another long time player who had actually taken a break from the game for a long time had come back more recent to play and PROMOTE the game HIMSELF, and just because he asked to many questions, which must have made Glitchless extremely uncomfortable in front of the entire game forum, he was also perma banned.

      If you speak out at all, you are sure to be banned, if you pick on others and like to cause trouble and harass others and like to be in cliques then this game is just for you.

      Many others who love this game will defend it to death but some have to agree with part of what I have said. I still love my clan members and that's the only hard part about walking away from this game, and it is very addictive no lie.

      Btw I was not banned in game, although when I logged on my main it would not allow me to talk in clan chat or anywhere else, yet I had not received a message telling me I was squelched, but good ole Glitchless humor instead I got a message telling me I was not high enough level to talk ( I am level 85 which is the highest you can go in game)

      Lastly Glitchless is very insulting to his player base at times, if you don't believe any of what I have said, before you play this game, go to the nodiatis forums and read over the last several years, may take some time to look over but even a few Glitchless post should have your blood boiling if you were to put yourself in the persons shoes he replied to.

      life is life, can't stop others from playing but I hope I can at least giv

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Sanlucifer is a long time player; do not take heed of his comment if you want an unbiased gauge of pvp.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nodiatis PvP kick ass, i will see you in the Arenas.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Not a bad review, not bad at all. I'll have to look this game up and try get into it. You've earned another follower!


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