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Are you a Battlefield Noob?

Updated on November 20, 2016

What do you mean being a "noob"?

First of all, there is obviously a big difference between a good Battlefield player and a bad one. The slightest difference in tactics could lead to your success or to your ultimate demise. Following is going to be loads of information to help you no longer be a noob in the realistic war game of Battlefield 1.

So lets just jump right into it. Her are some key differences that will help you in not being a bad Battlefield player.

#1 "That One Sniper"

Everyone that has played at least one match of conquest knows "That One Sniper". This is that guy that never even moves! He thinks to himself that he has found the most amazing sniping area in the game. At first he might pick off a few of your teammates but people do start to catch on. By mid-game, his K/D ratio has turned from a loft 8:0 to a not surprising 8:20 or maybe 9:20 if he's lucky. The point is; people aren't dumb. They are going to find out where your amazing sport is.

How to avoid being "That One Sniper"

You obviously don't want to be this person right? Well here's how not to be:

Make sure to keep moving. If you have gotten a kill or two it wouldn't be a bad idea to move to another spot. The enemies that you killed from that spot now know where you are. Not to mention all the other bad guys that saw their teammates get dropped from a flying projectile or the guy that sees your scope flash from the corner of his eye.

Even if you haven't killed anyone, it still wouldn't be a bad idea to get outta there. If you aren't the best shot or your trying to dial in your shot on a enemy completely cross map, it would be a good idea to move as well. The sound, flash from your scope, and the bullets flying from one spot could easily send a flock of enemies to your position.

Don't flash your scope too much. If you see that there is a large group of enemies that you have a potential to take out, don't be flashing you scope at them. Someone is going to see it. Take shot, controlled zooms and try to pick them off silently and unnoticed.

Sniper Noob

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#2 "I Can Kill Anything!"

What's better than picking off that one sniper? Finding an "Invincible Player". These are the types of players that think they can kill anything, even if they don't have the right weapons to do so. There's nothing more a player likes to see than a defenseless sniper running straight at a landship thinking they're going to even have a chance. These are by far the easiest players to kill in the game.

If there is a tank or some other large vehicle coming towards you and you do not have the right weapons, it's probably best to just back off. You might even be able to pick off some infantry that is trying to hide behind that large hunk of metal. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings too. There might be a lonely field gun just waiting for you to use (they can deal out some serious damage).

#3 Not Using Your Class as it Should Be

In this game, there are four different rolls that you can choose from. This includes: Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout. If you use them in the way that they are inquired to be used, you can help your team out tremendously and even gain quite a few points yourself.

Here's how to use each class to the best of it's ability:

Assault-Take out what others cannot. The assault class is equipped with several different explosives to choose from that can deal out a large amount of damage. With this being one of the only classes that has that option, use it to your advantage. Throw or shoot all of your available explosives at any oncoming enemy vehicles to make sure they do not have a chance to hurt your teammates. I have seen too many times where a single guy in a landship could just drive right into an objective and capture the whole thing by himself simple because no one has the right equipment or knowledge to destroy him. It is your job as the assault class to stop these people from raining down on your team. It won't even take that long to single handedly destroy even the largest land vehicles. It's your job and there's potential to gain lots of points as well.\

Medic-Heal people! It's that simple. This class comes with loads of different ways to help people out from little pouches to large chests of bandages. You can even bring people back from the dead! A single chest of bandages could make the difference from capping and objective and maybe even winning the game. Not to mention that loads of points you get from every point you heal someone. You also get a huge bonus from reviving a dead player. There's nothing better than being completely pissed off from your death but then being revived by a caring fellow teammate.

Support-Make sure your team is supplied at all time. The items you get with this class are very similar to those of the Medic class. Some include an ammo pouch, ammo crate, and even a hammer wrench to repair friendly vehicles. If someone is having a good streak and gaining lots of kills for your team, they might be nearing the end of their ammo supply. It's your job to make sure that they are stocked up at all times. One bullet could mean the difference between life and death. Also, if you see a damage vehicle, make sure to give it a hand. It will give you some extra points and well as saving the lives of all of the people inside.

Scout-The long distance destroyer. With this class you need to make sure that your team is provided with all the cover fire that they need. If you have assault and support troops storming into battle, you need to be the one that is helping them out. Make sure that there is not a sneaky sniper trying to pick them off or a enemy hiding behind a corner that is going to kill all of them before they even notice. You have to be the deadly but hidden. Make sure to refer back to the top of the article to learn how not to be "That One Sniper". There are many different ways that you can go about using this class, but only few are effective. Make sure to cover your teammates and kill as many people as you can without being discovered.


#4 Tag Enemies

This can be an extremely helpful part of the game if it is done right. Using the top right bumper on your controller, you can tag enemies so that your team can see them with a red marker above their heads. This can be very helpful if you are sniping and see a flash of red run across your screen. This makes enemies more visible and will help you and your team not be snuck up on.

This can also be very helpful with vehicles. If you tag a vehicle, it can be seen through buildings and even the terrain. This can help people that are trying to cap objectives. It will make it so that they always know where a deadly vehicle is and where not to go. It has happened way to many times where I walk around a corner straight into a huge land ship and get my ass rocked. Make sure to tag so that everyone can have a heads up on the enemies.

#5 Do Not Just Run Around

This is not like CoD. You are playing on a massive multiplayer map with nearly 64 players at all times. There is going to be someone waiting to snipe you as you run across the open. Make sure to use anything that you can as cover. Always make sure to scout out where you are going and that there is no one that has the chance to kill you as you run across that open ground. Always take cover and make sure that all your surroundings are covered and that you can not be snuck up on from behind. That's everyone's favorite thing to do.


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