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Nord Race And Their Names In Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V

Updated on January 17, 2012

Nord is a human race with pale skin, fair hair and usually blue eyes. They come from the cold province of Skyrim and have developed a natural resistance to frost. They are tall, strong and tough which make them excellent warriors. Their battle skills and enthusiasm in combat have made the Nord race famous for being mercenaries. Their battlecries bring fear to their enemies making them run away in horror. Nord race is also known to be great sailors and they feel at home in the icy cold Northern waters. They are captains of many merchant fleets all over Tamriel.

Nord Skills And Racial Abilities

Nord Race in Skyrim. Click to view full size.
Nord Race in Skyrim. Click to view full size.

Nord Starting Skill Bonuses:

+10 Two-Handed
+5 Block
+5 Light Armor
+5 One-Handed
+5 Smithing
+5 Speech

Nord Starting Spells:

Flames (Sets the target on fire, doing some damage over time)
Healing (Heals the caster over time)

Nord Racial Abilities:

Battle Cry : Target flees for 30 seconds.
Nords are 50% resistant to frost.

Nord History

Nord ancestors come from a very cold and harsh place North of Tamriel - a continent which Aldmeri called Atmora. Some folks speculate with the exact name which could also be Altmora or the Elder wood. The elves referred to this continent as the source of human corruption of the world. According to legends Atmora used to be a warm and green place. But the land gradually turned colder. The lack of resources caused war in Atmora. Not only smaller human tribes were fighting against each other. The mankind had to face the threat of elves. Eventually the war reached the point where the elves razed the city of Saarthal, the Nordic capital in Atmora. In that night which later become known as the Night Of Tears, elven soldiers slaughtered every single person without mercy. Only a man named Ysgramor and his two sons survived. As they fled the city they gathered as much people in Atmora as they could and set the sail to south. They later got known as the Five Hundred Companions. As the fleet reached Hsaarik Head, the most northern point of Skyrim they had to face the Aldmeri again. Despite heavy resistances the elves were driven away from most of Skyrim by Ysgramor's descendant King Harqald who started to work on uniting Skyrim. His son Vrage the Giften later began expansions known as the Skyrim Conquests which resulted in the First Empire of the Nords. Nords ruled over almost all of Northern Tamriel, also most of High-Rock and Morrowind. They even had set their eyes on the Imperial lands. During the Bosmer Wild Hunt the King Borgas, the last of the Ysgramor dynasty died. his death caused several wars for power which resulted in Skyrim getting divided into many smaller regions. When Akaviri Dragonguards invided Skyrim lands the Imperial leader Reman Cyrodiil succeeded to free Skyrim from the Akaviri Pntentates rule. Reman Cyrodiil is one of the first known Dragonborn and the founder of the Second Empire Of Man. Nords and Imperials started to work on making an alliance when Tiber Septim offered Skyrim to join the empire and they agreed. Lots of Nords were glad to join the Imperial armies and they participated in a lot of Great War battles. At the beginning of the Fourth Era skyrim is full with Dunmer refugees who occupied the Solstheim Island because of Argonian invasions. The High King of Skyrim was murdered by Ulfric Stormcloak the local Nord rebels Stormcloaks. Ulfric got captured but just before his execution in Helgen a dragon attacks and creates chaos during which the rebel leader manages to escape. The appearance of the dragon surprises Skyrim and makes them search of a new Dragonborn to deal with the dragon threat.

Nord Society And Religion

Nords live in mostly wooden buildings whose bases are made out of stone to preserve heat. They wear leather and hide clothing and since tundra cotton is so common in the lands of Skyrim, cotton fabric is also common. Nords like to drink mead and listen to stories told by bards. Nords are quite superstitious folk and they blame misfortunes on Falmer, Snow Elves which are long since extinct.
Nord religion is often based on traditions of Ysgramor. They worship gods of different animals - wolf, bear, fox, owl, snake, hawk and also dragons. A lot of gods in the Nordic Pantheon represent natural powers. The Nordic Pantheon is believed to be very similar to the Eight Divines but with just different names. They believe that all parts of the nature such as snow, rain, sun, trees, rivers and so on are given by the All Maker the creator deity who is also keeping all of these aspects of nature in harmony. All Maker is Aedra analogue in the Nordic mythology. The enemy of the world and the mankind is called The Greedy Man which might be viewed as Lorkhan in Aldmeri mythology. A myth tells that the sky goddess Kyne gave breath to the mankind at the Throat of the world, he highest peak in Skyrim. Because of the connection with the Breath some Nords have the ability to use Thu'um - a magical power of voice which is similar as the magical language of dragons. The Dragonborn, the ultimate Dragonslayer is usually extremely talented in understanding and using Thu'um. There is a chosen clan, The Greybeards who are living at the Throat of the world, some believe for centuries who are very proficient in Thu'um. they are constantly practicing the Way of The Voice also known as Language or Tongue magic in order to assist the Dragonborn when he or she emerges.

Nord Names

Most Nords have Scandinavian sounding names.

Examples of female Nord names: Agnete, Ekkhi, Freir, Sigrid, Ysolda.
Examples of male Nord names: Alof, Gromm, Knud, Roggvar, Vidgrod.

Nords usually don't have last names but occasionally their names are followed by the name of the clan to which they belong. Clan names are always made by two words which are linked with a hyphen.

Some Nord clan names: Cruel-Sea, Fork-Beard, Hoar-Blood, Ice-Mane,War-Bear.

Other Nords have earned special titles that serve as their last name. Sometimes a Nord baby is named after omens which occur during childbirth.

Some Nord titles: the Bold, the Crow, the Outlaw, the Naughty, Rockbreaker.


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