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Northern Eggs just what are they for? World of Warcraft faq

Updated on February 17, 2012

About northern eggs

"Look El Pedro what I have found this must certainly be the largest egg I have ever come across yet it's so cold like the climate here"

"It is indeed huge Napoleon yet what use could we put it too?"

You may have come across northern eggs if you are a player of the game world of warcraft, they are a common drop off birds in Northrend, the area introduced in wrath of the lich king expansion. They have a chance to drop from any bird in any of the northrend areas. It is highly likely that you will pick up a few of these as your character travels throughout Northrend. Like many players though you may just be wondering what on earth they are used for?

Northern eggs, also the icon for many other eggs found in World of Warcraft and the pet giving Smoulderweb egg
Northern eggs, also the icon for many other eggs found in World of Warcraft and the pet giving Smoulderweb egg

Come on now just what are they for then?

"El Pedro look I have found this arcane scroll imbued with ancient knowledge yet... yet I can't decipher it my hard earned 525 skill in archeology fails me what can it be?"

"Napoleon this is very simple any chef worth his salt can decipher this, I told you before cooking was an invaluable skill with the information contained here within I will create a morsel of such delicate and delightful taste the smile it places on your face will last for 2 hours Precisely! No more and no less"

Northern eggs have only one use currently in the game and that is as a ingredient for the recipe tasty cupcakes. This recipe is itself a drop from humanoids in the Northrend zone and seems particular common in wrath of the lich king dungeons.

Tasy cupcake
Tasy cupcake

Tasty cupcakes

So you found both the northern eggs and the tasty cupcake recipe, you level up your cooking skill at great time and expense so what can you expect from it?

Well not much tasty cupcakes are an "emotion" food that offers no actual in games benefits at all (thankfully there are many cooking recipes that DO offer in game benefits). When eaten it grants you a "happy" buff demonstrated by the little smiley face icon.

Although of no practical use tasty cupcakes are good for those who are achievement seekers in world of warcraft, it adds an extra recipe to your list so helping related achievements there. Tasty cupcakes are also part of two specific achievements one that can be done any time "second that emotion" and one that can only be done during children's week "bad example".


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    • Arioch profile imageAUTHOR

      Gordon D Easingwood 

      6 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      Cookings a good profession for the buffs it gives you, northern eggs are one of those things you seem to find that have a obscure use.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting. I've never looked at learning the skill of cooking. I always too busy with my primary profession!


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