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Not-So Drunken Jenga

Updated on June 11, 2016

So here's the thing...

I'm 26, going on 27 and I know a lot of people my age like their drinking games, or in a lot of cases, just straight drinking. That's fine and dandy if that's what you want to do, but what about those of us who want to drink a bit, but mostly just have fun? Well, we seem to have to get a bit more creative.

For a not-so-unrelated example, Drunken Jenga. It's become pretty popular and sounds like a blast. Looking into it, however, I've been rather disappointed with the challenges I've found, since most every single one of them involves taking at least one drink, and in many cases multiples (as many as 10! Who drinks that much?! Certainly not me!). I don't want to have to drink through the entire game and I know a couple of my girls won't be drinking at all. I'm a light weight, I know it, and I do not consider getting completely wasted remotely enjoyable. Even my friends who do drink agree with me on this point.

Now, I'm not usually the one planning the parties. I am not that friend. I'm the friend that will show up to your parties, have a great time talking to you, and hide in the corner behind my one drink for the rest of the time unless there are other people I know. However, since one of my best friends in the world asked me to be her Matron of Honor recently, I am being forced to step up the plate, and by gum if I'm not gonna do it right!

Thus, I began pondering things to do for this bachelorette party. None of us are huge drinkers, as I've mentioned already, which leads to none of us being the usual risqué party girls one usually thinks of when the words "bachelorette party" are uttered. So, I'm getting creative.

Thus, I give you, Not-So Drunken Jenga.

Here's how it goes...


1. All common Jenga rules apply.

2. If you fail to complete the assigned task, you must take a drink. (Slightly heavier drinkers can change this to taking a shot instead of just a drink.)

3. Whoever knocks down the tower has to finish their drink.

Seems simple enough, right? Yeah, but here comes the tricky part; coming up with all those things to write on the Jenga pieces.

So here are the not-so drunken Jenga challenges I came up with.

Please keep in mind that I'm making this for a bachelorette party and "bride" can easily be replaced by any other various person you would prefer.

• Do a shot of beer
• Impersonate - Do your best impression of the bride, if bride, best impression of person to your left
• Lick - Attempt to lick your elbow for at least 30 seconds
• Daring Shot - Do a shot selected by the person to your right
• Book - Balance a book on your head until your next turn
• Caveman - Play the rest of the game under the table
• Jeopardy - Sing the jeopardy theme as the next person takes their turn. Take a drink if they finish before its done, they take a drink if you finish first.
• Here Comes the Bride - Sing the bridal march accompanied by cups
• It Never Ends - Sing "The Song that Never Ends" for the rest of your turns
• Third Person - Refer to yourself in the third person for the rest of the game
• White - Everyone wearing something white must remove it and give it to the bride to hold onto for the rest of the game
• Red-Eye - Everyone wearing something red must take a drink
• I Cannot Lie - Perform as much as you can of “Big Butts"
• 1 Drink - Pick one person to take a drink
• Duck Duck Goose - Play a round of duck duck goose
• Princess - Sing like a Disney Princess the rest of the game
• Jig Away - Dance your best jig while being recorded
• The Bride Says – do whatever task she assigns! If bride, MOH Says!
• Teapot - Perform “I’m a Little Teapot”
• Run, Forest! - If you get up from the game at any point from now on you must run, never walk
• Mystery Shot - exactly what it says
• Artistic Eye - Interpret the artistic meaning of the bride’s outfit
• Rock-Paper-Scissors - Everyone plays Rock-Paper-Scissors, take a drink for each person that beats you
• Belly Dance - Belly-dance for the bride
• Kiss-Kiss - Kiss three objects of the bride’s choosing while blindfolded. If the bride, MOH chooses
• The King - Talk like Elvis for your next three turns
• Disney - Sing “Be A Man” operatic style
• Die - Perform a dramatic death scene
• Cold Face - Balance an ice cube on your face
• Poetry in Motion - Write a poem to the bride and perform it for her
• Funny Man - Make the person to your left laugh in 60 seconds or less
• Dance Moves - Put in your headphones and dance your craziest dance to whatever song plays
• Like, Totally! - Impersonate a Valley Girl for the rest of the game
• Your Majesty - Bow and address the bride as “Your Majesty” for the rest of the game
• Starry Night - Go outside, lay down, and sing yourself a lullaby
• Giddyup - Give the player opposite you a piggyback ride
• Rap Battle - Rap everything you say for the rest of the game
• Makeup Artist - Do the makeup of the person to your right while blindfolded
• Beat-Box - Beat-box everything you say
• Scissorhands - Get two butter knives and use them to do everything for the rest of the game
• Reverse-Reverse! - turns change direction
• Hey Buddy - You must keep physical contact with the person to your left for the rest of the game
• Row Your Boat - Show off your best rowing technique while singing the song
• Aaaaahhhh! - Act like you’re on a roller coaster for the next 3 turns

Fingers Crossed

Knowing my friend like I do, I think she'll have a blast with this, and hopefully the rest of you will too! Let me know your thoughts below!

Whatcha think?

Does it sound like fun?

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