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Numel Evolution Chart

Updated on March 25, 2012
Numel Evolution Chart
Numel Evolution Chart

Pokemon Questions

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Numel Evolution Chart

To cut right to the chase, the Numel evolution chart above explains it as simply as possible. In Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, Numel evolves into Camerupt at level 33.

This is the simplest form of levelling and evolution in Pokemon. No need to worry about how much the Pokemon likes you, or finding the right evolutionary item, or having to trade it then trade it back - as the Numel evolution chart spells out, you just need to get your Numel to level 33 and watch it evolve into Camerupt (providing it's not holding an everstone of course).

This is done in the same way that the Slugma Evolution occurs

How do You Evolve Numel?

Numel evolution is, as we aid, achieved by levelling the Pokemon up. But how do you go about this?

Those who have played Pokemon will understand the mechanism well, but for those new to the game; levelling up is achieved by gaining points for your Pokemon. Points are gained when it is either evolved in a battle which causes the opponent Pokemon to faint, or if it is holding the Experience Share item.

After a certain amount of points are gained, the Pokemon levels up, the amount needed varies from Pokemon to Pokemon, and gradually increases as the levels increase.

So put simply, the way to evolve Numel into Camerupt is to make a lot of Pokemon faint. The only other option is to use the item 'rare candy', which boosts the Pokemon up one level (though without gaining EV points), enough of those and it can evolve without battling.

Numel Facts

  • Numel evolves into Camerupt at level 33
  • It has it's Dream World ability available (Anger Point)
  • It can be found in the Rugged Mountain area of the Dream World, though you need over 7,500 points to find it.
  • When in the wild it has a 100% chance of holding a Rawst Berry
  • Numel is part of the 'Field' egg group, which includes Sandshrew and Lucario, amongst others
  • It has a 4* weakness to water
  • Numel is a Fire/Ground type
  • It stands at 2'04"
  • Numel weighs 52.9lbs
  • The hump on it's back stores hot magma

Numel, Sweeping - Really!


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