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Nvidia Project Shield "A Gaming Console"

Updated on January 13, 2013

Shield is a handheld gaming console much like Xbox gaming console or Sony’s remote play (Play Station). Shield is available in the consumer electronics show 2013 (CES 13) for display and test and we are hoping its arrival soon in the market.

Shield uses a gaming console much like Xbox with additional of a touch screen display. It uses a 5-inch HD quality display. Shield uses Google’s latest android version jelly bean 4.2 which means you can access all your favorite android games and applications.

Some tech gurus are suspecting its failure as it’s a handheld gaming console like Ouya and Gamestick and is another Android gaming console. That’s why they are hoping that the Shield will mostly likely fail.

If we talk about the hardware then it’s actually made up of some decent pieces of hardware from NVidia. It supports a Tegra 4 SoC (System on chip) which was also launched in the CES 2013. If you don’t know, Tegra SoC is for mobile devices and NVidia claimed that they are amazingly fast and battery saver. Tegra SoC version 3 was available for smartphones, tablets and fablets but NVidia’s Tegra 4 SoC (System on Chip) is only available for Shield.

Tegra 4 SoC utilizes a 72-core GPU and a 5th companion core to save battery power. Shield is integrated with Tegra 4 SoC, a HDMI port, Strong speakers, 720p flip up display and much more. In Shield HDMI port will allow you to plug in into a bigger display. NVidia claims Shield’s battery life to be around seven to ten hours. The unit is amazing and features a USB port, audio out and a micro-SD slot. Being based on Android, you can access Android’s play store to download your favourite applications and games.

lf we wish to conclude it then it’s a good handheld android based playing station. It offers all the features we’d ask for a modern handheld device but storngly it’s not for the real gamers or hard core gamers. If NVidia intented it for the gamers then I doubt the success of this handheld gaming console. If we look on the present gaming consoles like Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and others, they offers us something we can’t get without these playstations or gaming consoles. So the success and failure of NVidia’s shield will be purely based on it’s intent.

If we consider Tech gurus then it will mostly likely fail because of the competition in the market and because it’s not offering anything new other than the Tegra 4 SoC with the Shield. More over Shield’s competition is not only with the same gaming consoles but also with the smartphones. Most Smartphones are now featuring Andriod OS (latest) and Shield is also offering Andriod OS. Now you have to make a choice between a dedicated gaming console and between a Smartphone.

You can play Andriod games and run andriod applications on the smartphones plus you will get an extra feature of calling which is not possible in Shield. In other words if you buy Shield for games then you have to carry a phone for calling but if you buy a smartphone then you can call and play games.

But there is one disadvantage with smartphone that it doesn’t look like a gaming console. So you want to buy Shield for the look and for the Tegra 4 SoC then go ahead. If don’t just back off because it’s won’t even fit in your back pocket whereas a smartphone can.


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