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Ode to the Super Ball

Updated on May 25, 2009

boing, Boing, BOING...

While killing time before one of my daughter’s indoor soccer games started, I decided to dispose of the lone quarter I had in my pocket by buying a Super Ball. You know, those little rubber balls that refuse to quit bouncing?

I thought I would give this cheery little smiley face ball to some younger children that were busy playing off on the sidelines. But I started to bounce the Super Ball and was hooked. Let the kids buy their own toys.

The more I bounced this little ball, the more I thought of how much I would like to be just like this miraculous little orb! To even have a portion of this ball’s resilience and energy would turn me into Super Woman times twenty! I don’t think Wonder Woman or Catgirl would be able to come close.

Super Balls have been recorded jumping over three story buildings. If I were a super ball, I would want to fall down hard and fast, so life could really bring it on. I would just bounce back higher every time. In fact, I would just keep bouncing and bouncing and then want some more!

Yes, bouncing through life and just rolling along no matter where I found myself, that is the life for me! People could throw me, kick me, bounce me, lose me, it wouldn’t bother me one bit. I would be free to fly through the air just keep bouncing and rolling along, full of energy and life.

If I were a Super Ball, then everyone would be happy around me all the time. There were even five-dozen of these globe-like wonders shipped to the White House to help the workers there keep a smile on their face. It’s just impossible to bounce a Super Ball without a smile on your face. I double dare you to try it!

Being a Super Ball would allow me to withstand enormous amounts of heat and pressure. I would come out better than ever because of it. Super balls are compressed under 50,000 pounds of pressure and heated to over 165 degrees Celsius. Good-bye stress headaches forever!

As for what type of Super Ball I would be, there are many to choose from. They come in every pattern and color imaginable. I think I would want to be a transparent one with glitter all the way through. I think that’s the height of fashion for a Super Ball, I would always be dressed to impress!

The Super Bowl is even named after The Super Ball. Lamar Hunt, the founder was a genius when he was able to see how great the Super Ball truly is. But the real thanks goes to the inventor Norman Stingley, Chemist. Thank you Norman. You created my mentor and new best friend.


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