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Official Angry Birds T-Shirts and Merchandise

Updated on April 1, 2012

Angry Birds Apparel and T-Shirts - Merchandise From the Store!

The game Angry Birds has swept the nation! As the top downloaded iPhone game and Droid game, it involves a very simple style of gameplay: kill as many of those pompous green pigs as possible! In every level, you will advance to a new challenge where you'll try to slingshot through ice, wood, or rock, collapsing structures big and small to kill the pigs and get the eggs back. The interest in this game has spurred the makers of this game, Rovio, to release their very own line of apparel and merchandise, in addition to new games and updates being offered on a regular basis. To find the great new line of official merchandise and Angry Birds t-shirts offered at their store, click the link below the photograph.

To Get Official Merchandise and Products...

Visit the offiical Angry Birds t-shirt shop!  Click the link below...
Visit the offiical Angry Birds t-shirt shop! Click the link below...

What is Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is a game for iPhone and Droid that can be downloaded and used whenever you want. The plot of the game is simply this: A group of birds are happy protecting their new egg. A mosquito lands on the egg, which enrages the volatile birds. They smash the mosquito to bits, but meanwhile, the hungry green pigs have stolen the egg and are about to eat it. The Angry Birds are on a mission to get their egg back, and they'll do whatever it takes! They'll smash through walls, ice, and wood to kill the pigs and get those treasured eggs back. Proceed through all of the levels to win the game!

More Angry Birds T-Shirts...

Here's a selection of other shirts available on the web featuring this hit game!

Flip the Bird T-Shirt

A photo of the original red bird slingshotting towards his enemies. A great shirt for fans of this game! 100% cotton, wash warm. 

Angry Birds Pig Face T-Shirt

Those infamous, pompous pigs are the enemy you love to hate! This green shirt features the king pig, complete with the crown. Available in a number of different sizes. 

Angry Birds Addict T-Shirt

Are you addicted to this highly habit forming game? If you're obsessed, join the club, because millions of people have downloaded this game, leading to new installments of the game released for download! There's also video game versions in the works for DS, Wii, and other gaming systems. This shirt features the group of birds we've all come to know and love on this girls shirt!

Hot Topic Bird Cluster Womens T-Shirt

All of your favorite characters from the game on one cool shirt! Features a black and white design of a pile of birds and pigs. Available in several sizes. 

I Love Bacon Funny T-Shirt

Sure, they're the enemy, but if you like the game, how can you not like the evil pigs? This funny shirt reads "I heart bacon" with a picture of three of the infamous green pigs below. 

What Each Bird is Capable of:

Each bird from the game has its own unique ability. They aren't just different colors, they have their own special technique at which they can ram those fat green pigs into oblivion. You cannot choose which birds you can use in each segment, however, knowing which birds to use on what structures can help play the game better.

  • Red Bird: He's average sized, round, and, no pun intended, the most "well rounded" of the group of birds. The red bird is seen on the cover art of the game (or the title screen), and simply hurls towards the enemies in a straightforward fashion. If you were comparing it to chess, these would be pawns.
  • Yellow Bird: These birds are angular, with a triangular body appearance. They can be really useful at destroying structures like wood by tapping the screen twice to make them accelerate. However, watch where they go, because they do change course slightly once you tap the screen again. 
  • Blue Bird: This bird will split into three birds when you tap the screen again once you launch them. They're really handy at breaking apart ice chunks or multiple pieces of wood. They can also eliminate multiple enemies if you can arc them just the right way towards the pigs, provided they aren't obscured by some structure.
  • White Bird: This bird can lay an egg bomb that will explode when you tap the screen again. Not only that, but its body is also a weapon if you can time the egg drop just right. They also make an amusing "pop" noise when they explode, and go hurling off into the distance when you tap the screen. Take advantage of this two pronged attack when you have high structures to topple over!
  • Black Bird: He's shaped like a bomb, and as you would guess, he's explosive. He can also push his way through wooden structures before he blows up, giving him another advantage. Tap the screen to make him blow up, or just wait for him to ignite on his own. Either way, he's one of the funnest birds to play. 
  • Toucan/Scissor Nosed Green Bird: This bird acts like a boomerang and can double back towards targets once you tap the screen again. 

There are also some other birds in subsequent games, but I won't spoil that for newbies! 

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    • profile image

      Angry Birds 6 years ago

      Dude that black shirt above saying Flip The Bird" is awsome I just bought it through this site

    • SharkFuel profile image

      SharkFuel 6 years ago

      I think that kids, who like to play Angry Bird toy will wear such wonderful T-shirts with a big pleasure.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice hub with cute pics,thanks.

    • Christene profile image

      Christene 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      My husband and daughter both play Angry Birds. I have not fallen for the addiction. LOL

    • Janet21 profile image

      Janet21 6 years ago from New York

      Nice collection of Angry Bird merchandise! I was thinking of getting this game on my iPad.:)