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Okami review

Updated on May 20, 2014
okami title screen
okami title screen

I took all photos using a Roxio game cap. Okami however was created and owned by Capcom

It’s hard to believe but Okami came out clear back in 2006 on the PS2 and was a bit of sleeper hit in the market. What can I say it came out in 2006 that year we had Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy XII, Zelda Twilight Princess, plus the launch of two big consoles so the game kind of got lost amidst all of the hype. That said Capcom has re-released this game twice now. Once on the Wii and a HD version for the PS3. Lucky for you I got those last two and I can do a bit of a comparison. But let’s just say the PS3 wins, and it doesn’t have anything to do with resolution, it has everything to do with the fact that the motion controls for the Wii version just feel crammed in.


The game opens up with a 10 minute narrative about the legend of Nagi. Basically it tells about how the giant multi head snake went around and gobbled up young maidens from the village of Kameki. Kameki also had problems with a white wolf that also prowled around the village whenever Orochi appeared. One day the great warrior Nagi’s girlfriend was chosen to be Orochi’s next dinner, Nagi decided to go to Orochi’s cave and battle the giant monster. Nagi defeated the monster but only because the white wolf stepped in and helped, ultimately sacrificing itself to make sure Nagi would win. Skip 100 years later and Orochi has returned cursing the land. The guardian tree Sakuya uses the last of her power to revive the white wolf whose real name is none other than Okami Ameratsu. Ameratsu is the sun god in Japan and in Japanese theology she is the top dog (literally).

From there it’s up to Ameratsu to undo all of Orchi’s harm and restore the environment and the human civilization back to normal. Now I like how the story progresses, only at the beginning with that long drawn out Japanese fable that Capcom made up does the story trag you down that long in exposition. Usually 2 to 3 minutes tops and your back going around kicking butt. They also don’t make Ameratsu speak rather the wondering artist Issun who is a samurai, painter, flea, boy (yeah it’s kind of weird) does all the talking for her. Issun is a bit of a pervert and a hot head but that is due to the fact that he is a young teenage boy at heart.


What can I say about the graphics other then there beautiful. I like the water color asthetic that makes it look like it’s an old painting in motion. The colors are great this game is a work of art.

One of the arguments that went on during the Ps2 era is how well cell shading holds up. While old games do look dated thanks to the fact that are screen resolution has increased, I have noticed that once these cartoony games get an updated look to their color pallet they look good has new. The HD version makes this almost decade old game look brand new.

Okami PS3 version
Okami PS3 version
okami wii version.
okami wii version.

The wii version isn’t bad either again though PS3 is 720P and the Wii version is 480P with the component cables or run on a Wii U. Still the colorful artwork comes forth, it just looks better on the PS3. The resolution isn’t why I am saying skip the wii version, while the PS3 version is better looking it’s something I always say resolution doesn’t make a game fun.


Sound wise you get some epic sounding music that fits with the score. There is no voice acting the characters kind of speak gibberish but this kind of helps. Your main character is a wolf so it kind of helps that she doesn’t go around speaking, they pull a Zelda Twilight Princess here by having the mischievous wondering artist Issun speaks for Amaratseu instead. The music fits in with the game appropriately and just helps the games overall feel.


The gameplay is Okami is a bit like Zelda. There is an over world with a few dungeons to find and explore. This does not mean Okami is a Zelda clone has Okami dungeon are structured a little bit differently and instead of an item you usually end up collecting brush strokes.

Brush strokes can be used both in combat and out in the field to help solve puzzle. They can fixed broken bridges, Cut stuff that is blocking your way, and cause gusts of wind to knock down your opponents.

an example of the use of the celestial brush
an example of the use of the celestial brush

The brush strokes along with the weapons makes each battle a bit of a puzzle. Trying to find when an enemy is weak, using the right brush stroke to try to finish them off fast.

Winning battles gets you lot of loot but to level up Ameratsu needs praise she can get that by restoring nature, feeding animals, and helping out people through different side quests. Praise is then use to level up an attribute.

On a whole the game is pretty easy you don’t have to go out and fulfill every side quest to make Amaratsu strong enough to complete the game. All you need to do is make sure that you fight occasionally to get money and to use bloom or feed animals whenever you get the chance and usually you will have enough praise to beat the game. So the game is pretty easy and I didn't die once at least not on the PS3 version.

If there is one real complaint I have about this game is there this one boss that just keeps popping up over and over again, you beat him and the game thinks of some BS reason a little while later that you have to beat em again. And it is literally the same fight over and over again. I won’t tell you the name because it’s a plot spoiler, the good news is that he is at least a fun boss to take down, but over 3 times just in the main story line that’s a little bit ridoluse.

PS3 VS Wii

Now on to the PS3 versus the Wii, yeah I recommend the PS3 over the Wii and it has nothing to do with the fact that the PS3 looks a little bit nicer. It has to do with the motion controls. Yeah rather than feel like they are adding something the wii remote feels more like it is the way. I shake the controller to attack and Ameratsu literally does nothing half the time it feels like a chore to get her to attack. And if you think the brush stroke mechanics are handle on the wii, after all it should be more life like with motion controls think again. Where the PS3 version I had to do things only once (and on occasion twice) in the Wii version I had to do an action 2 to 3 times before the motion controls in the game said I did something well enough to let me pass, and this happen the majority of the time.

Okami has a platinum trophy
Okami has a platinum trophy

Trophy support

Oh and one other thing the PS3 has trophy support and that means a platinum trophy can be earned for completing the game 100% and doing all the challenges. Wii version got nothing.

final recommendation

I give Okami for the PS3 a 5 out of 5 stars I regret waiting this long to play it. I think it’s about 20 dollars on the PSN, that might sound expensive but it’s worth it for the amount of content this game gives you.

But the Wii version gets a pathetic 3 out of 5 stars for almost scaring me away from this game, bad wii controls, bad.


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