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Old Fashioned Events for Parties or Making Money!

Updated on July 30, 2016

Cake Walk!


Let Some Good Old Fashioned Fun Begin!

I am sharing some stories my mom told me about different events that went on when she was younger. In her time the events were used as a way to make money for different projects in the community, but you could do them just for fun. Do you remember any of these favorite events from long ago?

Both of the events could be brought to modern-day and put your own ideas with them. The Box Supper is an awesome singles mixer, as well as the Cake Walk. There will be many laughs and lots of fun for all ages.

So Much Fun To Win a Delicious Cake!


How to do a Cake Walk!

The Cake Walk was a favorite entertainment in the early years of the 20th century. The Great Depression had brought about a time of very few extra funds available for pleasure.

The ladies made the cakes and donated to the event. The money made at the event was often donated to the school of the community.

  • You will need to draw a large circle on the floor with a space marked every two feet. This identifies outlined boxes for players to stand in to begin the cake walk.
  • These spaces are to be numbered, 10 to 20 space, depends on size of group. Numbers on the cakes are given, so when a couple stops on the cake's number, they win. Just fix a bowl to put cake numbers in and draw out a number, that is the winner. When a cake is won that couple drops out and another couple can play.
  • You will need music, preferably music of the era of the 1920s to 1930s. As the music begins, players begin to walk. You can choose the length of time for music. A suggestion is two minutes at a time.
  • In those early days the cost was ten cents per walk, of course today you could charge more, player must pay for each new round or can choose to leave.
  • Play until all cakes are claimed, the more cakes, the more money you can make.

Today you could do a cupcake walk for children and change the music to their favorite!

Cake Walk Using Chairs!

Box Supper!


How to do a Box Supper Social!

A popular event longs ago was called the Box Supper. It would be fun for a smaller organization as a fun-raiser, or whatever the need.

  • The object is to prepare a box or basket with a meal for two. The container should be as attractive an enticing as it can be made with items of older days. Such as crepe paper, ribbons, cutouts, rick rack, yarn, leaves, flower etc.
  • The box or basket will have the donors name hid on a tag. The donor and the purchasers are supper partners.
  • Fried chicken, potato salad, green beans and pie was evidently a popular meal.
  • Tables, plates, eating utensils, napkin and drink should be provided by the group giving the event.
  • Someone will need to be the auctioneer to take bids to sell the boxes.
  • You would need and RSVP from members and guests so a box would be available for every two people.
  • Big band background music would be enjoyable as everyone eats their meal.
  • Hope you get the partner you want to eat with!

Cherry Pie!


Pie Supper Social!

A Pie Supper Social is similar to the Box Supper Social. The ladies make pies and place in decorated container and they are auction off, and the men buy them and they share the pie together.

Great way to have fun and make money!

Top Music of 1930s!

Old Fashioned Events!

Which event would you plan to do?

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© 2016 Margie Lynn

What Old Fashioned Events do you Remember?

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