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Why Fallout 2 is better than Fallout 3

Updated on September 15, 2009

There is no denying the great success of the Fallout series. With today's generation growing up with Xbox 360 and other nex-gen systems, great graphics and "endless" gameplay dominate the new RPG scene. Bethesda has been leading the charge for these RPGs ever since The Elder Scrolls Arena came out in 1994 and continuing the series all the way to the newest installment, Oblivion. So why not get them to make the new Fallout? A good idea right? To new players of the series the game was great. Post-Apocalyptic environment, guns, blood, gore, exploding heads, your decisions make a lasting impact, could this be the sequel that Fallout 1 and 2 fans have always been waiting for? It was shaping up do be just that.

Now don't take this the wrong way, I loved Fallout 3. I got my own level 30 wastelander and have covered huge chunks of the map and collected nearly every special weapon. Something about it though, it just didn't feel like Fallout 2 that I grew up loving.

Some of the biggest things that I miss is the sexual content, weapon diversity, an actual use for the speech skill, story telling, and overall comedy of Fallout 2.

The sexual content in Fallout 2 consisted of drug addicted prostitutes, pimps, and junkies lining the streets of city's like New Reno and The Den. The sexual situations portrayed in the game I feel really show how much the world has fallen apart after the bombs dropped. It seems everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive, whether it be whoring themselves out, pimping those people. There is even one situation where you enter a casino and you have the chance to sleep with the bosses wife or his daughter, regardless of who you choose, you can raid the upstairs safe, but you better be ready to take on every goon on the way out.

Fallout 2 has 71 different weapons to choose from, and the best part? They never break. That was one Oblivion crossover that I could not stand in Fallout 3 was weapon durability. Fallout 3 also has 71 weapons, but only if you have all the downloadable content. Alone there's about 55 weapons (not counting the special weapons) in Fallout 3. And lets be honest, we only really use the Combat Shotgun, Chinese Assault Rifle, Sledgehammer if melee, and the Gatling Laser unless were out of ammo.

Fallout 2 sports a huge dialog tree. You'll be doing A LOT of talking to people and the conversations can be deep depending on who your talking to. The most important stat if you like this sort of thing is high intelligence and the speech skill. The speech skill in Fallout 2 opens up almost half of the total dialogue available in the game. A very important stat indeed! That is of course if you'd rather talk your way out of some tough fights, rather that crushing their heads with your hammer. What does the speech skill do in Fallout 3? I'm glad you asked.

    * Get more money from a mission.
    * Talk your way out of a few fights.
    * Pull info out of someone.

Speech has nothing to do with adding to the length of a conversation with someone, its used only talk people into giving you more stuff. I found that to be the most disappointing part of Fallout 3.

The story in Fallout 2 is good and its told great, mostly because of deep dialogue trees throughout the game. Your the descendant of the hero from Fallout 1. Your tribal village needs a G.E.C.K. so that your village can prosper in the wasteland. Now on to Fallout 3. Fallout 3 has a good story, but the story telling in my opinion was poorly done. Its pretty linear on how you advance to the next task and overall, it's a pretty short. You can probably run through it without much level advancement. But you didn't buy this game for the story, you got it for all the cool shit you can do.

Fallout 3 is pretty funny in watching your enemies get mutilated under your hail of bullets and some of the situations are pretty funny, like in the Canterbury Commons. Fallout 2 is littered with humor. The same combat laughs are there when you use your shotguns burst and rip chunks out of your enemy, or when you hit them with a sledgehammer and they slide back for 5 seconds, and when you target the enemies eyes or groin with your vats mode. The humor goes much further than that though. They added little easter egg random encounters throughout the world map that come right out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Whether you come across the holy hand grenade or the bridge of death you'll laugh at the situation in general.

If you like your RPGs in real time combat, action packed and great graphics, then you'll probably like Fallout 3 more than 2, but Fallout 2 still has its action although it is in a turn based format, but it sports a much deeper story and if you don't mind old graphics, you'll love Fallout 2.

Now like I mentioned earlier, I'm not hating on Fallout 3, its a great game and everyone should play it, but I feel like people get the wrong impression of the Fallout world because for most people, Fallout 3 is the first one they've played. Fallout 2 is a classic and what do you need to run it? A computer. So if you're reading this I guarantee you can play it because Fallout 2 needs barely anything to run. The specs are,

* 90 MHz processor
* 16 MB of Ram
* 600 MB of disc space
* Windows 95

So save up about 10 bucks, find yourself this classic out of a bargain bin and enjoy the game that led to the making of your favorite RPG on a new system, Fallout 3.

Have you ever played Fallout 2?

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    • Brian Grubba profile image

      Brian Grubba 3 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Wow, you pissed that guy off and he doesn't even work for Bethesda! I liked some of the new additions in Fallout 3 but I agree that the story is weak. New Vegas I believe brought some of the old flavor back and has wayyy more dialogue and extra quests. It's a bit like the leap between Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Both are great games but Fallout 2 has hours of extra gameplay and content.

      I personally like weapon maintenance but it was definitely done better in NV (repair amount isn't capped by your repair skill). The Capital Wasteland looked amazing in its day and was a lot of fun to explore although outside of the actual Capital it was kind of bland and boring. There also isn't much for "evil" characters to do. Paradise Falls was really disappointing. Basically 2 quests offered there and the Mezmertron gets old pretty fast.

      DLC's like The Pitt and Point Lookout added a lot of stuff to explore... I think The Pitt is almost better than the actual main game.

    • profile image

      Anon 3 years ago

      So... Fallout 2 is better because of nostalgia. That´s what I got from your article. That, and the incredible old gamer´s mentality.

      Let me break it down for you, pal: weapons in real life break. I am not entirely sure you knew about this. Now, that being said, let´s say you are 200 years into the future and find a rifle. That rifle is going to jam like hell, and probably won´t work for a lot of time. You might want to repair it, and ya know what? That makes the game feel "real". Incredible, right?

      Also, you still have prostitutes, and you can even get a feeling that the kids sold to the slavers are going to do just that, be sex slaves. And - which is important - there are no huge settlement that would justify large scale prostitution. It does seem to me, that you´re complains about that aspect of the game is quite childish indeed.

      And great storyline? Like - what? Tell me, plese, because you didn´t in your article. You just stated it´s better, without explaining why. Ya know why, pal? Because you are nostalgic and can´t get over the fact that what you like might not be that great.

      Having Monty Python references in a game does not make it good in my game. Having compelling game-play and storytelling does. So Fallout 3 wins, and you should stop writing articles.

      P.s. get your grammar straight next time you attempt to write. ;)

    • profile image

      Jim 3 years ago

      It seems like nostalgia is the main factor for people liking these games which isn't bad but it still blinds you from the truth.

    • profile image

      Not really, no. 3 years ago

      This article is very "nice". I think Bethesda sucked the life and soul out of Fallout. I love the first two titles horribly. Before I was a pretentious university type with friends-who-study-literature, it was these games that built my sense of narrative, satyre, non-linearity and ambiguety. I've been cussin' about the later titles since they was released... that oughta be some years from now. I find it rather staggerin' that, being born in '89, I am already some other generation; a different variety with different aesthetics :3 feelin' old.

    • profile image

      bob joe 4 years ago

      yes yes its already been stated and proven that fallout 2 is better than 3, but its also obvious that fallout 3 is not fallout but something else other than fallout 2 or 1

    • profile image

      DerGeneral 4 years ago

      Yes and Fallout 1 is better than 2.

    • profile image

      Nick 4 years ago

      They are all awesome and I like 1 and 2 the best purely because I love dialogue and story. In terms of combat, 3 and NV destroy 1 and 2

    • profile image

      Tyraell 5 years ago

      best storyline ever! best rpg i ever played!

      i got so many good memories bound to this game!

    • Jared Lowry profile image

      Jared Lowry 5 years ago from Arkansas

      Fallout 3 is my favorite game for Xbox 360 I write about it a lot too in my hub. I just acquired the Jukebox in my house too. It's pretty sweet. I have played a demo of number 2 but never have played the actual game. I know things are different in the demo, but I did meet a prostitute. She was the first person I met actually. I love the Fallout 3 though. It's been fun playing it I still have quite a ways to go in it.

    • profile image

      Ben 5 years ago

      Meh. Having played the originals I'm not that impressed. New Vegas is best in my opinion. Fallout 1 is clumsy in terms of interface (you have to activate a bomb in inventory and then scroll down to the bottom to drop it from inventory while time ticks away) 2 is less clumsy but both are wretched compared to 3 and NV where companions are concerned, in 1 and 2 they regularly shoot you in the back, they will skip their turns rather than choose a different target when you kill a target, and have a pronounced tendency to move in front of doorways when you are trying to leave a building. I honestly don't see much difference where dialog and story are concerned maybe 3 and NV aren't quite up to par but the difference isn't mind blowing. The camera in 1 and 2 sucks, this is not hyperbole this is fact. Searching areas for randoms pixels is infuriating in the extreme, the perspective is crap, and God help you if what you're looking for is behind a wall facing the camera. The First Person Perspective may not be to everyone's liking but it is a far more versatile and intimate perspective that doesn't make you feel like you're 300 feet above the environment micromanaging ants. Say what you will about the engine but in 3 and NV the world is alive at such a fundamental level (even forks aren't just pre-rendered details) that I think people take the sheer amount of freedom for granted. That said the RPG elements in 1 and 2 are deeper and more balanced as far as combat is concerned but I think that the repair and science skills were largely useless until 3 and New Vegas. There were maybe 4 or 5 points in 1 and 2 where they came in handy to resolve an isssue that a high speech skill could usually resolve just as easily but in 3 and (especially) NV they are constant assets necessary to maintain weapons, armor, and create specialized ammo so rather than a worthless dump stat they intrinsically make the gameworld more personal and alive. I think rather than go back to the old way they should try to further reconcile the two styles while simultaneously adding features.

    • profile image

      Davi 5 years ago

      Am I the only one who preffer the old fallout combat style?

    • profile image

      SmokeyDave 7 years ago

      I couldn't agree with you any more, the Fallout series are all excellent but Fallout 3 just lacks the depth of the earlier games just as you said. Now if they had progressed the same way with Fallout as Baldurs Gate -> Neverwinter Nights that would have suited much more.

      Hmmmmm NWN total conversion mod to Fallout ..... :-)

      Your article and that of Gazook (top RPG games) has rekindled my interest in my old collection ..... started Fallout 1 again last night!

    • profile image

      Rafael Amadeu 7 years ago

      Man, this article just tell EVERYTHING that im feeling about fallout 3, when i first played fallout3 i got really desappointed cause i LOVED FALOUT 1 AND 2 especially 1, man the story of the first fallout was really good that church was realy bizzare, i loved the engine of third person with turns, WHY THEY SOLD IT TO OBSIDIAN??? Man, i may sound a little gay, but i really want to cry sometimes cause fallout 1 and 2 were part of my childhood, i miss the old fashion jokes of fallout 1 and 2... In fallout 1 i had an encoter easter egg where i found a ginormous dinossaur footprint,really cool, i just miss a lot the old engine, i would give a hand to have it back, i would not be able to play it though, but that's ok, at least we would have it back...

    • profile image

      Snikrs 7 years ago

      No doubts about it have played them all n loved them but i always get roped back into this classic you would have to be a mutated mole rat(hahaha had to be done) to think its too old to give it a go, plus now with all the new hiRes coding n such even graphically its still sick!!!

    • rogerdv profile image

      rogerdv 8 years ago

      I thought I was the only one that misses old Fallout.

      But hey, if you have spent hundreds of thousands dollars in a next-gen game engine, do you think they will use it to create an ismetric game? No, they have to blow heads on your face, spill blood over the screen and amaze you with 4.0 shaders. Troika had the right tool, a modern isometric engine they were developing, but they went to bankruptcy before thay had a chance to compete for the Fallout IP.

      Now we can just wait to see what does Obsidian with Fallout New VEgas

    • rogerdv profile image

      rogerdv 8 years ago

      I thought I was the only one that misses old Fallout.

      But hey, if you have spent hundreds of thousands dollars in a next-gen game engine, do you think they will use it to create an ismetric game? No, they have to blow heads on your face, spill blood over the screen and amaze you with 4.0 shaders. Troika had the right tool, a modern isometric engine they were developing, but they went to bankruptcy before thay had a chance to compete for the Fallout IP.

      Now we can just wait to see what does Obsidian with Fallout New VEgas

    • gazook profile image

      gazook 8 years ago

      This article is right on the money! I remember that exact episode with the mobster's wife/daughter in New Reno. Plus, you'd catch an STD and lose some HP if you you chose to make movies at the "Golden Globes". LOL