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Old Typewriters for Sale

Updated on February 14, 2012

Antique typewriters

Click, Clack, Ding! Click, Clack, Ding! Can you hear the sound of an old manual typewriter with it's keys striking the page and the ding of the carriage return at the end of the page? I love old typewriters. I think they are a beautiful piece of history and a well taken care of antique typewriter is a fine collectible.

I used to type on an antique typewriter when I worked as an administrative assistant in high school. It was a part time work study type of position where I actually got high school credit to work in a law firm office. But because I was just in high school, I got the bottom of the barrel when it came time to use some of the office equipment. If the front office was busy, I would just use the old antique typewriter in the back office instead of being in every one's way in the front office trying to use the newer electric typewriter. I actually preferred the antique typewriter.

Old Vintage Typewriters for Sale


Old Typewriters for Sale

Today, there are many old typewriters for sale in numerous places like yard sales, auctions, flea markets, and online at eBay. You can find vintage typewriters in all sizes and conditions listed for auction on eBay. I've seen really rare typewriters sell on eBay, like a completely restored antique black Sholes and Glidden typewriter sell for a price of $14,900. And there are also manual typewriters with no unique value sell for as little as $10.

Brands of Old Typewriters

These are some of the popular brands among those who buy old typewriters. You can commonly see these brands of typewriters for sale on eBay.

  • Adler Typewriters
  • Blickensderfer Typewriters
  • Remington Typewriters
  • Royal Typewriters
  • Oliver Typewriters
  • Olivetti Typewriters
  • Olympia Typewriters
  • Sholes & Glidden
  • Smith Corona Typewriters
  • Underwood Typewriters

Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Tins

Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Tins are also collectible items. You can find some neat ones to buy on eBay also. Common types sell for around $5 - $10, but more unique types can sell for much more.


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