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One of My Short-Term Fantasies Came True in the Form of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Updated on August 3, 2017

So Arc System Works announced at EVO that they've made yet another fighting game: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. It's a crossover fighting game between BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, and Under Night In Birth. Then in the trailer revealed that Ruby Rose from RWBY will be in the game. Monty Oum would be proud, but let's get into this.

Ragna, Jin, and Yu Nurakami on the same screen
Ragna, Jin, and Yu Nurakami on the same screen | Source

At EVO 2017 BlazBlue Tag Cross Battle was announced by ArcSystem Works. But here's where I have to explain why this is a short-term fantasy of mine. To be blunt I've only been playing BlazBlue since September 2016 and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax since about May of this year. To the aesthetic familiarity between both games had me think:"It'd be neat if there was a PersonaxBlazBlue crossover game. And low and behold here it is! When I saw this I was beside myself, as I thought it would never happen. And then there was the reveal that Ruby Rose from the Rooster Teeth animated series RWBY, debuting in her first in game appearance. That was a tremendous amount of icing on a really appetizing looking cake.

But admittedly as excited as I am for this, I question how the controls will be set. As I mentioned in my hub regarding Capcom's handling Street Fighter V's accessibility( Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is button masher friendly, and in BlazBlue you have to learn the move-set of each character, as button mashing yields little to no results. And I don't know anything about Under Night In Birth, and that's my fault because I don't explore the fighting game landscape as much as I should. But now that I know of this game's existence, I'mma check it out. Simply because I want to know how accessible the control scheme is.

But my point is there's a night and day difference between BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, so I'm uncertain if the control scheme will be simple or complex. And this uncertainty worries me somewhat.

Also too is questions about the roster. Like who are they gonna bring in from BlazBlue, Persona 4, UnderNight, and RWBY? I'm worried that they might end up like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, that despite its popularity is a broken game with unbalanced characters. This is probably why this announced for 2018 so they can sort out the balance of characters' strengths and weaknesses. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the final product, despite my caution.

Are you excited for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle?

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