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One Of The Funniest Valentine Party Games Ever

Updated on December 28, 2015

The Spring Cleaning Love Game

Okay folks are you ready for some pant wetting laughter that is sure to make you the hilarious host your friends will never forget? Most parties lack truly fun games, sometimes we just get desperate. Choose a game this Valentine's Day that makes couples truly enjoy themselves. You can even scrapbook this game as a keepsake.

How do you play?

Give every couple a small square of blank paper and a pen. Have them to write numbers 1 through 5 in a vertical column. Tell them not to look at their partners paper nor help them do their's either.

Announce to your guest couples that we are getting ready for spring cleaning and you want them to list 5 things they would like to throw out, then put a dash and the reason why you want to throw it out.

Make sure each person puts their name on the sheet of paper, that is a MUST!

Example game sheet:


1. My lawn mower blade - it's too duel, needs to be sharp

2. My trash can out back- it leaks to much and causes maggots.

3. My patio canopy- it's starting to sag too much

4. My dog - he tackles and licks me too much.

5. My truck- I want to get a new one, maybe a black one this time.


You see that example, that is the kind of answers you will get. Now for the fun part. Gather all the papers up, mix them up well and pick randomly.

You deceived them all!!!!!:.)

Tell them you are going to read off the things each person wanted to get rid of.

Say the persons name you are about to read about. Read the things that person wants to get rid of ( Do Not Tell The Reasons Yet). Then say for example: John wants to throw out......( the 5 items), but the reasons really mean why he wants throw out Patty.......then say " He wants to throw Patty out all 5 reasons.

Practice on the example sheet above!

One way to make it funnier is instead of using the word "it" or if they put some other odd word that wouldn't fit just slip in he or she to slant it toward the person you are relating to.

Using the sample above # 2 Callie wants throw out Max because he leaks too much and causes maggots.......or......#5 Callie wants to throw out Max because she wants a new one, maybe a black one this time.

"Make sure you do not tell the punchline of the game until ALL the papers are turned in and are beginning to be read."

What is so funny is the couples had not the slightest idea what you were going to do with their answers so they answer so liberally and freely. People are pretty nasty and plain about things they want to get rid of so the answers are always hilarious and embarrassing once it's read to their mate. Some of them, as they hear other people read theirs, they cringe, face red with dread, knowing what they put on theirs......

I support marriage and people staying together forever, but that's what makes this game funnier than anything. We have tried this on several occasions and it was ALWAYS the biggest hit. If you follow the directions carefully, it will be a smashing success. Some people do better if they scan over the reasons to throw him or her out briefly before reading each one to make sure it's legible and worded right to slant toward him or her. Let me know how it turns out:.)


If you are having your Valentine's party at a restaurant open your party with this cute and funny game.

Have all the couples mix up or the women on one side and the men on the other. Have a waitress or waiter that has not seen everyone with their mates come in and match up who she thinks might be couples. It is so so so funny who they might match up together.....The ones she matches up has to go stand against the wall until everyone is matched up. Nobody can say anything, but just laugh. Be sure and take pictures before everyone splits up. You will laugh about that evening for years to come.


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      6 years ago


    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      11 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      Sorry, sumesh madom I am already happily married. singingmommy

    • sumesh madom profile image

      sumesh madom 

      11 years ago from india

      hai da i am sumeshmadom from kerala(god's own country) in india

      studing in mlt.

      i am fully woundered to see this.

      for more contacts&friendships accept me.

    • ohohdon profile image


      11 years ago from Yakima

      Two very good game ideas. I can see that these could leave us laughing ourselves to tears.


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